Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7225 09.12.1958

'I will shorten your days ....'

The time still granted to you until the end gets ever shorter according to My promise 'And except that those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved: but for the sake of My Own those days shall be shortened ....' so that they will not be forced to go down on their knees before him who remains My enemy and opponent until the end. For he will still cause you serious problems and you will still need much strength in order to resist him. And yet you need not fear this time regardless of the menacing actions he will take against you. He will not reach his goal, for I will protect My Own from falling into his hands. However, they themselves will thank Me for every day without his influence, just as they will also be eternally grateful to Me once I put an end to his activity and put him into chains once again .... The time until the end will seem like a dream to you, that's how soon it will pass .... certainly often alarming yet then shadowy-like again because a host of spiritual beings of light will surround and protect you and direct everything in a way that it will be bearable for you. Nevertheless, great caution has to be taken for he is utterly evil-minded because the end is approaching. What you don't consider possible will still happen due to his influence, for many people in the world are willingly at his service and therefore will also turn against you due to his stimulus.

However, don't fear those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul .... Don't fear any danger at all because I Am with you and assure you My protection. And regardless of what will happen you will be able to endure because I will give you the strength, because I will make sure that it will not affect you too harshly, that you will persevere and emerge victoriously from the battle against him. But it will remain a battle, I keep telling you time and again so that you will not distance yourselves from Me but join Me ever more and in My proximity remain unassailable for the enemy. And anyone who joins Me so closely that he will always feel My presence need no longer fear anything, for due to the strength he receives from Me he will be superior to him .... The time is approaching the end .... And the days will fly by ever more rapidly, which you will also become ever more conscious of .... but then you will also know that you belong to My Own, for Whom I will shorten the days for your own sakes. Let yourselves be addressed by Me ever more frequently, don't become half-hearted and sluggish in your work for Me and My kingdom, for you will draw much strength from it, you will receive as you give, and a lot more spiritual nourishment needs to be given so that it will flow to everyone who desires it and accepts it through My Word. This is why you, My labourers in My vineyard on earth, should be constantly working and always know that not much time will be left .... You should take the Words seriously 'I will shorten the days for the days of My elect ....'The end will arrive sooner than you think, and you should all fortify yourselves for the time prior to it and commend yourselves to Me and My protection. And the end will come like a thief in the night .... and I will fetch those whom I do not find asleep away from Satan's place, and all their suffering will be over for them ....



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