Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7265 25.01.1959

The soul consciously starts earthly life ....
Past memory ....

Prior to your embodiment as a human being your destiny of life was presented to you and you entered this final embodiment in full realisation of what will happen to you in earthly life, because the final goal you would be able to reach was simultaneously obvious to you and because it was your own free will to release yourselves from the final form through this earthly progress. Afterwards, however, this past memory was taken away from you and thus your life proceeds without you being conscious of the success you could achieve. However, there is no other option, otherwise free will would not come into its own, which has to accomplish your final perfection in the first place. But it is certainly possible for you to overcome all difficult strokes of fate granted to you, for no person will have to bear more than he is able to cope with, albeit with the strength of God, which is always at his disposal .... However, if a person only relies on his own strength, life's offerings can undoubtedly devastate him. Yet he always has the opportunity to request strength from God .... he has the opportunity to pray .... But this presupposes his belief in a God and Father of eternity, otherwise the person would never call upon a God for strength and help. Yet every person who still lacks faith can find it if he reflects on his life, his destiny and everything that surrounds him. A thinking person will truly not find it difficult to attain faith in a powerful and wise Creator, he just does not often want to admit that his relationship with this Creator is so close that He is even willing to help him in every adversity, no matter how small or great, if He is asked to do so. Such people lack belief in the correlation between the Creator and His living creation, thus a God of love is barely credible to them, consequently, they keep themselves distant from the One Who, however, wants to be called upon by His creatures so that they prove their bond with Him. For this reason people will time and again be afflicted by strokes of fate which are not only intended to make the affected people themselves but also their fellow human beings think about their attitude towards a God and Creator, Who also wants to be the Father of His children to Whom He gave life.

With God's strength every individual human being is capable of overcoming even the most severe strokes of fate. And he also agreed to this before his embodiment as a human being, for he was not placed into this or that embodiment against his will, he voluntarily started his earthly path with the view of complete liberation from every form and also with the firm confidence that he will master life in the right way. But as a human being he often fails and the challenges often seem insurmountable to him as long as he does not avail himself of help by His God and Creator, Whom he must acknowledge without fail if his earthly progress is not to be in vain, without any success for his soul. This is why the first and most important requirement is the belief in a God Who is love, wisdom and omnipotence in Himself .... And in order to gain this faith the human being must first kindle love within himself .... Love, however, is strength in itself too, and thus every person who lives a life of love will irrevocably be able to cope with even the most difficult destiny of life because he already receives the strength from God, hence he will also have a living faith, so that he will call upon God as his 'Father' in every earthly or spiritual adversity and truly be guided through it, because God Himself is love and He has the power to put everything right again that has become disorderly .... because He helps the person with His strength to master even the most difficult situation in life. And He will always be prepared to be of assistance to him in every adversity ....



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