Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7319 28.03.1959

Easter ....

Even if you take notice of My act of Salvation, of the act of mercy I accomplished on your behalf .... you will be incapable of grasping its full depth and significance, since on account of your imperfection your spirit is still unenlightened and only allows for occasional rays of light to flash up, which enable you to exchange the darkness with a dim light if you empathise with this greatest act of mercy .... if you deeply and inwardly look at the individual stages of My path to the cross and My suffering and dying of the crucifixion and accompany Me on this path with profoundly heartfelt love .... This will enable you to somewhat sense, if only momentarily, My immeasurable love for you which made Me make this sacrifice and you will, as it were, participate in it if your soul puts itself in this position and tries to understand what is incomprehensible to you as a mere human being. I shed My blood for you .... These Words are casually recited and truly not grasped in their profundity .... I bought back the life you lost to My adversary with My blood, with My life, and I truly paid the highest purchase price a human being is capable of paying, for the fullness of love within Me until the hour of death gave Me the strength to patiently suffer all pain and accept the most bitter affliction in order to give you humans the life you had lost back again. I died for you .... For you had deserved this death yourselves due to your past sin of apostasy from God .... that is, you stood in the midst of death, you lacked the life for which you were created .... Therefore you also lacked the bliss, for only 'life' is bliss. And I wanted to return this bliss to you and thus had to purchase your life with the greatest sacrifices only a loving human being was capable of making. However, even I found this sacrifice inconceivably difficult, for My human body was no differently natured than that of any other human being, but the burden of the cross was so heavy that I was only able to carry it with tremendous effort and love and indeed have carried it for you, My fallen brothers .... But words alone cannot describe this burden, and neither can the human being's intellect grasp the magnitude of the sacrifice; only a heart with an abundance of love is able to put itself in this position, and this heart will suffer vicariously and take the path to the cross with Me and make Me immensely happy, because a heart like that is a redeemed victim from My adversary and belongs to Me forever and because it is truly a greater than great joy for Me to know that the sacrifice on the cross was not made in vain for such souls who love Me and endeavour to follow Me. They will indeed be enlightened by a small light, they will have stepped out of the spiritual darkness and passed through the first degree of realisation, even though they will only realise the whole significance of My act of Salvation in the spiritual kingdom, but its rays of light already shine and blessed is he who can already live in its radiation while he still exists on Earth .... blessed is he who thus belongs to the redeemed and has become My child through My crucifixion ....



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