Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7327 06.04.1959

The blessing of spiritual work ....

Active spiritual work increasingly releases you from the material world and you become its conqueror as well as its master. The more you occupy yourselves with spiritual work the more the soul releases itself from its physical form even though you live on earth, yet it raises itself into other spheres, it enters the path to its true home, it is just a guest on this earth which has not forgotten its true home but steadily strives towards it. But what does the 'spiritual work', which lifts you from the earth's sphere, consist of? ....

Every thought concerning the spiritual world initiates such spiritual work because as soon as the soul grasps the thoughts which come from that world the beings of light enter into contact with it and, as you might say, enter into conversation, i.e. one thought develops into another, the thoughts lead to God and in turn open the dialogue with God and the effect is that the human being now talks to his fellow human beings about spiritual matters, that he is no longer content with worldly knowledge, that all his thoughts reach precisely into that spiritual sphere from where he is now taught, from where his soul now receives spiritual nourishment. In this manner the soul matures fully, it will persuade the body to conduct itself during earthly life in accordance to its spiritual insights, the human being will work on himself, he will live consciously, i.e. he will be conscious of the purpose of his existence and his goal and make an effort to achieve this goal. Although he continues to live his earthly life he won't consider it the most important issue but his thoughts will repeatedly lift themselves into the kingdom which is not of this world. And he cannot help himself but work on behalf of this kingdom by seeking to encourage his fellow human beings to take more notice of the spiritual kingdom than of worldly life, he will draw their attention to the emptiness of a worldly orientated life .... he will have conversations with other people about the cross of Golgotha .... he cannot help himself but mention the Divine Redeemer Jesus Christ time after time because the spiritual kingdom captivates him as well as Jesus Christ Himself, Who takes pleasure in His children who love and strive to follow Him.

You will learn to appreciate the value of an earthly life which enables you to be spiritually active and which offers spiritual success for your soul .... Because you are guided by beings of light to whom you are assigned for care during your earthly life. And their influence will not cease and only ever relate to your soul which can only profit from spiritual activity, which will mature fully during earthly life and also is a shining example to your fellow human beings. Because a spiritually striving soul is outwardly recognisable by constantly working for the kingdom of God and always performing labours of love in God's vineyard as it feels the inner urge to serve God and to lead other souls back to Him, because its inner love expresses itself at all times in work for God and His kingdom ....



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