Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7339 17.04.1959

Dialogue ....
Forerunner ....

Wait in all humility for what I must send upon humanity for its own benefit and what will also lead to the brightest realisation in yourselves, hence this preparation time must happen first. I Am by no means a God of wrath even if the forthcoming event appears to make it look that way, in fact, you will all experience My love far more which will protect you from extreme danger; but then I will also clearly highlight My Own, I will draw so much attention to them that their fellow human beings shall realise where they can appeal for real help, for I want to win people over for Myself and not lose them to the adversary. Nevertheless, the damage will be huge and countless people will lose their lives, yet it will benefit many who will still be able to catch up in the kingdom of the beyond on what they had failed to do on earth .... so that they will still be able to reach the light if they are of good will. And you can all believe that soon afterwards the end will follow but that I will still grant you humans a time of grace because the end signifies a drastic turning point in the spiritual process of development of the beings which ought to mature fully on this earth.

For this reason I have chosen servants for Myself who shall loudly proclaim the forthcoming end after the natural disaster .... For this reason I constantly pour out My spirit and through awakened people draw attention to everything that is due to happen shortly. And I only instruct them to spread My Word and, where possible, also to mention these events which intend to reveal My might as well as My love, for people shall know that a God is enthroned above them Who holds their fate in His hands. And anyone who is chosen by Me as a proclaimer of My Word must also have been chosen by Me as a recipient of My Word, and thus you can utterly believe him, even if it seems implausible what he proclaims on My instruction. For I will provide an obvious sign that He is My messenger, My representative, who shall speak on My behalf .... He will always be guided through anything, no matter what happens, he will not need to fear illness and death as long as he has not completed his mission, and I Myself will lay out his path which will lead him to where many people can hear him so that, when the time has come, he will loudly and publicly speak about Me and My Word ....

Until a great light begins to shine when the battle between light and darkness will openly erupt .... when the battle of faith will be waged in an extremely brutal way .... then this light will flare up so as to strengthen all those who work in My vineyard .... Then they will be able to draw strength from it and work even more diligently for Me and My kingdom. And this light will come when the last phase begins, when I have spoken from above, when people's situation has become chaotic and the separation of the spirits starts .... for or against Me .... And then I will give great strength to the weak, I will give strength to all who need it, and I will be their Leader in the battle against the enemy of souls .... and truly, I will be and eternally remain victorious and you, too, may rejoice at the victory over him .... You will be liberated from him and thus can live in peace in the paradise of the new earth ....



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