Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7358 08.05.1959

Jesus' Ascension ....

It is difficult for people to believe what cannot be proven when it concerns phenomena which are outside the law of nature, which therefore can only be taken on faith as true. This also includes My ascension, the final event of My presence on earth, which truly took place against the law but could only be witnessed by perfect people. And these perfect people were instructed to include this information when they told other people of the Salvation through My death, of My suffering and dying on the cross and My resurrection .... Hence My disciples also spoke of My ascension but they were only believed where people, due to their faith, were already more spiritually minded and who were therefore also able to believe what was conveyed to them. Nor did they dare doubt the witnesses of My ascension because they felt that these, My witnesses, were speaking the truth and proclaimed the Gospel to them on orders from above. For this reason the faith in the Ascension of Jesus was preserved for a longer time, it was not as doubted as is the case now, where love has grown cold among people and faith can already be called completely dead. Besides, there are no credible witnesses of this event and people must unconditionally believe that what is known to them as tradition or from the Book of the Fathers is true .... But living faith is missing, for this can only be awakened by a life of love, so that a person's spirit thereby wakes up and enlightens him and an easy solution to this problem is found, which can never be discovered without an awakened spirit. When I ascended to Heaven I was surrounded by spiritually awakened men and women with loving hearts who adhered to Me with ardent devotion. And thus they were able to observe a process which was entirely natural because My earthly body no longer existed, instead, I only adopted a completely transfigured body in order to be able to remain visible to these people until I left them to return to the kingdom where I had come from. My kingdom is pure light and love and cannot be seen with physical eyes, only the spiritual eye can behold it, just as every pure spirit dwells within an ocean of light and can also only be seen with spiritual vision.

At the time of death a perfected soul takes on a garment of light and radiates full of magnificence and glory, and were people already spiritually perfect then they could also occasionally see such a figure of light when the soul leaves its earthly body behind after the completion of its physical life and enters the kingdom of the beyond. For every soul making an effort to attain perfection on earth will already be spiritualised to a certain degree so that it can clothe itself with a radiant garment, it is just that only very few people have this gift of grace to be able to spiritually see when a soul leaves its earthly body. This is why spiritually dormant people cannot be convinced that after My resurrection I 'ascended to Heaven ....', which was a process that only took place in all splendour for the sake of My disciples, so that they were able to comply with their task with convinced faith in My power and glory, for they were supposed to carry the Gospel throughout the world and make My resurrection and ascension known to people .... To what extent a person is able to believe in this depends entirely on the strength of his love for Me and his fellow human being .... Everything is rooted in the fulfilment of My two commandments: Supreme realisation and a living faith arise from the love for God and one's neighbour, yet without fulfilling these commandments it will be impossible for you humans to believe what cannot be proven to you due to your freedom of will. But you can consider yourselves blessed if you believe without evidence, for you will be rewarded for such faith one day if it was the result of a selfless life of love .... Then you, too, will put on a radiant garment of light and not taste death, you will also 'ascend to Heaven ....', you will be able to enter the kingdom of peace and beatitude and be permeated by brilliant light, because then you will dwell in light for all eternity ....



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