Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7364 16.05.1959

Admonition regarding the end ....

In view of the near end you will be admonished time and again to remember your actual task, which concerns your soul's full maturing and not only the fulfilment of your bodily needs. You should always be aware of the fact that every day might be the last one for you, that the next day you might no longer be able to use earthly goods and that you will only keep that which the soul had acquired in earthly life. And how deprived will you then feel if you have no spiritual possessions to show for, how poor you will be despite your great earthly wealth and reputation .... None of it will follow you into eternity; spiritual goods, however, cannot be taken from you, they are your possessions and will make you exceedingly happy when you enter the spiritual realm. And all of you can count on having only a short lifetime left, regardless of how old you are. Thank God for it if the grace of a long life on earth was granted to you already, but also bear in mind that you could die any day, for no-one knows the day and the hour of his passing away from this earth. However, in view of the end many people will lose their life prematurely, and this will always be God's will, Who tries to save what can still be saved .... Not everyone will be able to survive the events which will yet happen on earth before the end, and besides, it can also still be an extraordinary blessing if the human being is allowed to leave the earth sooner in order to still find an opportunity in the spiritual realm for the maturing of his soul, because he is negligent in his psychological task. Were you able to foresee, you would truly not accomplish your earthly work so keenly, you would .... if you are of good will, focus on the work of improving your souls, for you would recognise that all earthly efforts and worries are useless in view of what lies ahead of you. But your way of life may not be enforced upon you, you must choose the right path voluntarily, you must accept the admonitions and warning presented to you by God through His Word and comply with them, and it will only be a blessing for you. And anyone with open eyes and ears can see for himself what is happening in the world and how chaotic everything is, which irrevocably must lead to a catastrophic end.

And if he listens to God's Word, if he listens to His servants' message, it should be easy for him to lead an appropriate way of life .... if he merely believes that he is close to the end and believes the information God conveys to him through his messengers ....Not much time is left but it would be sufficient for your soul to still attain the necessary maturity, providing you seriously tackle this work .... of being good, of making an effort to treat your fellow human beings with love, of accomplishing selfless works of neighbourly love, of looking towards God and of opening your heart and ears for Him when He speaks to you .... You should only want to do what is right and appeal to God for strength and grace .... And truly, He will look after you and grant you an abundance of strength and grace, for He will leave no-one alone and without help who turns to Him for help and wants to live a right way of life according to God's will. He will be seized by God's love and guided such that everything approaching him will contribute towards attaining maturity of soul. But he must seriously reflect on his actual purpose of existence and not hesitate, for there is not much time left for any of you .... He should listen to what God's messengers reveal to him and arrange his life accordingly .... And he will surely do the right thing, for the time you were granted for the maturing of your souls is approaching its end ....



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