Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7372b 26.05.1959

Experiments ....
Work of destruction .... II.

I truly know what is beneficial for all the beings I once created .... I know how effective everything will be, and I can also direct the effect of everything such that it will only be good for the development of the spirits .... And so My adversary's truly satanic actions during the last days will merely result in the fact that most of his followers will be snatched from him again and bound into matter, thus they will be removed from him and his influence for an infinitely long time. He believes he has won the spirits over from Me and owns them again, nevertheless he will lose them and the spiritual substance will start its higher development once more. For My love will never end, time and again My love will create new possibilities for development in order to help the spirits' ascent. And My love will time and again also find new ways .... Even if the being in the state of free will, as a human being, very frequently conducts itself contrary to My eternal plan and endangers higher development .... I will repeatedly restore order again which is and remains divine law; but never to the detriment of the spirits and always with the goal of deifying the beings which are still very distant from this state. Therefore, regardless of what happens in this world .... My love and wisdom knows every outcome and will always steer it for the benefit of the spiritual beings, and the final goal will always be their salvation, their return to Me and the perfection of the souls .... The final goal will be the attainment of the original state, where the being, as an 'image of God', will be able to work and create with Me in beatitude ....



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