Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7375 23.06.1959

John 14, 21 'He that hath My commandments ....'

If you keep My commandments you will love Me and I will reveal Myself to you. And I will always reveal Myself to those who want to hear Me, I will never stay silent or leave you, because I love you and wish for nothing more dearly but to speak to you, to communicate with you and thereby reveal Myself to you as a loving Father Who has longed for His child ever since it deserted Me and fell away. My love for what has fallen has not diminished; hence I will do anything in order to call it back to Me. As soon as it hears My voice, as soon as it recognises it as My voice and thus requests to be addressed by Me it will have already started on the path of return .... it is already close to the Father's heart, it only has to consciously try to establish contact with Me in order to definitely enter into union with Me and thereby regain the joys which it felt in the beginning.

Hence you, My beloved on earth, need only keep My commandments, that is, comply with My will, and you can at all times also be assured of hearing My Words, and then an abundance of grace will be at your disposal, for My speaking to you also signifies an influx of blessings which will help you to become perfect, to become blissfully happy, which will make it easy for you to travel the path of return to Me and reach the goal. But how few people believe that I would like to speak to them Myself, that they can hear Me if they wanted to, and that they only need to fulfil the conditions in order to hear My voice within themselves. And how few people recognise the voice of the Father Who speaks to them when My Word is conveyed to them through My messengers .... And yet, they all want to be My 'children' but the voice of the 'Father' cannot be recognised by them because they are still distant from Me, because they deem My commandments difficult to fulfil and thus they have not yet attained the ability to hear My gentle voice within their hearts ....

Nevertheless, I speak to people, and everyone can hear Me if only he believes in Me, fulfils My commandments of love for God and his neighbour and then quietly and devoutly listens within to what I want to say to him. And he will be able to hear Me and feel blissfully happy when the Father speaks to His child ....



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