Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7390 15.08.1959

The ending of a redemption period ....

That a redeeming period is coming to an end, you can believe without a doubt, while you are on a spiritual Level, you then can also track the spiritual development of man, thus it won't be difficult for you to believe, that a change must take place, if I don't want man to fall in Satan's hands, whose performance is obvious.

For the human with the worldly intellect, this won't be an explanation, since he will not accept to be in a spiritual low level, because he has no conception of it. For the purpose of the earth dweller is not a pure worldly one, but the spiritual development of man is the sense and reason for the life on earth, and if this obviously moves in the background, then there is no longer a purpose for life on earth and it does not need to be continued by man who totally fail to recognise their present life purpose.

It is not just the upward development of man .... The whole creation bears spiritual matter within itself, which also must move in the same development route, all kept within a certain order in the creation, but which is knocked over by man and therefore the creations on earth are no longer serving the purpose which was assigned to them. A spiritually empty humanity is not living according to my will, thus humanity will not use all the available creations according to my will, but assign them for other purposes, which will hamper or make a spiritual upward development impossible ....

Such a spirit-empty humanity is occupying the earth today and is jeopardizing their future existence because they are no longer following My order on earth but knocking over the order of God and causing the brake through their own will which is contradicting my redemption plan. But the will of man is free ....thus their behaviour is not being intervened, but man themselves will lay their hands on the works of the last destruction, they themselves will draw nay their own end and know not, that they are indirectly following my redemption plan through their works of the destruction while the still remaining bound spirits within the creation are in the ongoing development process because a new redeeming period is in the starting which again will take its course in the law governed Order like it is destined by My love and wisdom.

The spiritual low level is prove, that humanity in the bigger numbers won't believe it, because every spiritually awakened human will see by himself, that the present condition on this earth can not remain, if of a spiritual development shall be spoken. But the very few of Mine will know, that not much time will remain until the end, because they can see the signs very clear, of which I have pointed out by word and script ....

Man must see with spiritual eyes, thus he will see the condition of humanity. But if he is only watching the world, then he will only see economic development and progress, then he will have trouble to believe that all will come to an end, that nobody will be able to enjoy the very result of his hard work, of his property and worldly goods, every time he will only see the world and its progress, and spiritual thoughts will move further from his mind, as more often he watches the world and its progress ....

But he won't be able to enjoy much longer what the world has in store for him, very soon he will be abele to follow the disintegration, first through my will, through the wrecking havoc of the nature elements .... and later through human projects, for the will of man himself is judging the last work of destruction on this earth and I won't prevent it .... for I have built My plan of salvation of man since eternity according to the wrong will of man, which will give all spiritual in the whole universe again new possibilities for upward development, because I will help all for spiritual progress.

And as heralded, so it will come matter how much you people are ridden with unbelief against My predictions, you can expect it with certainty, that you are standing before a grand roll-over-era and that a redemption-period is ending and a new one will begin .... For the time has run out, which was granted to the spirits out of My love, wisdom and power .... And it will come to pass, as it continuously will be heralded to you people.



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