Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7440 29.10.1959

The angels' protection in the battle of faith ....

And countless angels will stand by your side during your final battle on earth. You don't have to be afraid when this battle erupts, for you will receive strength and be able to offer the resistance which is demanded of you in this fight .... You will remain faithful to Me, because inwardly you will be so permeated by strength that in no way will you fall prey to your enemies' onslaughts, because I know that your will applies to Me, and given that I will send My angels to protect you, you will feel this protection most evidently. The battle will not be an easy one, since it will be waged brutally and with fanatical zeal on the adversary's side, but you will not feel it as such because you will be filled with the spirit once actions are taken against all people who devoutly follow Me and also openly profess Me in Jesus Christ. And this courage of conviction will increase, and every new avowal will fill you with new strength, for then I will clearly reveal Myself through My spirit, which will fill everyone who professes Me before the world. And they will also know what time it is and will expect My coming daily .... And this will continue to give them the strength to endure and to ignore the difficulties. Time and again they will receive help from My side and My angels will shield them against all attacks by the enemy. And as long as they stand by your side you will not be in danger, for they only ever fulfil My will and are happy to be of service to Me and to you. Soon the time will come when the Antichrist will show himself .... And you have no idea which side he will come from and you will all be surprised. But then the signs will be so obvious that you will no longer be mistaken, you will distinctly recognise him and be able to prepare yourselves against his activity. Yet prior to this I will still speak from above, you just should know that this will not be the end of your mission as yet, that you will live through this time and then also receive the strength to stand firm in the last battle on this earth.

Everyone will feel whom I speak to through these lines, but I Am with all of you who want to serve Me, for I need you in the last days of the battle of faith, in the time when the last decision has to be made .... I need all of you to enlighten your fellow human beings as to what I expect of them .... that they should stand firm and not be afraid, if only they want to belong to Me and to fulfil My will. And when they hear you they will also take courage and offer resistance, which subsequently will render the adversary incapable of proceeding against these believers .... He will have to let go of them because My angels will form a protective wall around all those who want to be and remain My Own. But the battle will erupt and not just against single believers, but it will be aimed against all spiritual striving. However, only those with a living faith, who belong to the church founded by Me, will emerge triumphantly, for they will fight under My banner, led by and protected by a host of invisible warriors who are of service to Me and to righteousness .... until the day has come when I will fetch My Own and liberate them from utmost adversity and distress .... until the day of Judgment comes which will follow soon afterwards and put an end to every earthly and spiritual battle ....



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