Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7450 08.11.1959

The table of the Lord - Communion ....

Time and again you receive nourishment for your soul, for it should not go hungry during earthly life, it should not need to starve and be thirsty because I incessantly distribute what it requires for its upkeep and maturation. My table is always set, you can always take Supper with Me which I Myself offer you and which will certainly benefit you .... And if I nourish and refresh you, you will truly receive healthy food which will help your soul to recover, since it is still ailing and requires hearty sustenance in order to regain the strength it possessed in the beginning .... It must be offered the bread of heaven which is the pure Word, it flows forth from Me into infinity and touches every soul which opens itself and is willing to replenish itself at My table .... Anyone who enjoyed this nourishment once, will also have felt its effect, and he will never stop fetching food and drink for himself from a place where it is offered with love: from Me directly, and Who, as your Host, will keep inviting you to My table to receive what I present to you from My hands. And your soul will recover, you will receive strength and light, you will change your nature and take on your original nature again, for you digest My flesh and My blood and therefore correspond to My fundamental nature again .... Flesh and blood are My Word, I Myself Am flesh and blood, I Am the Word of eternity .... Do you now know what it means to take 'Communion' with Me, to step up to My table, to eat My flesh and drink My blood? .... Do you know that I want to revitalise you with healthy food in order to strengthen the substance of your soul so that it will become again what it was in the beginning .... a radiatingly perfect being containing My spirit, the spirit of love .... And your soul shall accept this spirit again, it shall become love again and requires the strength to do so, which it receives from My food .... The strength flowing forth from My love shall flow into My created beings again, the soul shall receive this strength when it accepts the heavenly bread, My Word, which is blessed with My strength. For this reason I repeatedly invite you to come to the table of the Lord and let yourselves be fed and refreshed by Me, by your Host, Who loves you and truly wants to bestow upon you the best He has to offer: His Word, nourishment and refreshment for the soul, medicine for its recovery and strength, which incessantly flows forth from My source of strength. All of you .... come to My table, gather around the source, accept from My hand what helps you to become fully mature .... Allow yourselves to be addressed by Me and you will noticeably feel the strength flowing through you, so long as you appeal to Me with all sincerity for food and drink and gratefully accept what you receive. And believe that you are in need of this nourishment, for you are still weak and require strength; you are ailing and need medicine, you can always come to Me and I will give you whatever you need in order to become healthy and mature fully, as long as you live on earth. But do not walk past the source of life I opened up for you .... Listen when I speak to you and think about it .... keep coming back to hear My Word and soon you will no longer want to accept any other food and drink, you will constantly come to My table, you will accept My invitation for Supper and I will offer it to you with all the love a Host can grant to His guest, who will always come to Him in order to replenish themselves ....



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