Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7482 20.12.1959

God's love and justice ....

You need never fear Me as a heartless Judge Who mercilessly condemns you even if you deserved it. Although My justice must manifest itself with every judgment, My love will nevertheless have a mitigating say and never pitilessly condemn you because it cannot help itself but to forgive, to rectify and to place a healing hand on wounds a person has inflicted upon himself through his sins. For the soul has caused all calamities, all pain, all hardship and suffering itself, and it is not that I have judged it because of that, but it has condemned itself of its own free will, it has created the state itself it now finds itself in. And My justice prohibits Me from lifting it out of this self-created appalling situation if it does not desire it for the sake of Jesus Christ .... It is certainly condemned but it has chosen its own condemnation .... It should always be recognised that I Am not a 'punishing' God Who thus imposes such punishments upon the sinner as atonement for his sins, but that this state of punishment was voluntarily striven for and entered into by the sinner and that I, on account of My justice, cannot give him a better fate than the one he has chosen for himself of his own free will. I take pity on the hardship such sinful souls find themselves in and My love would truly like to create a better fate for them, yet once again it is a matter of free will, which neither My love nor My justice will infringe upon .... The soul itself must want to escape its hardship and it must .... because it is too weak on its own to accomplish its will .... call upon Jesus Christ for strength and help .... This is the only path the soul can be shown, then My mercy will manifest itself and, for the sake of Jesus Christ, all sins will be forgiven. If, therefore, a last 'Judgment' is spoken of, it should not be understood as an act of punishment by Me, which might question My mercy or make My infinite love appear doubtful .... Rather, it should be understood as establishing the order, as straightening-out the wrongly directed state in which humanity in particular but also all bound spirits find themselves in during the last days, when people, through My adversary's influence, run riot and live in a completely God-opposing way .... Then My merciful love will intervene again and put everything right .... but it cannot provide the soul, which has failed as a human being, with a different fate from the one that it has voluntarily aspired to. This is indeed a judgment but not one based on My wrath, instead I banish the spirits back into a physical shell with profound compassion, because justice prevents Me from providing these spirits with a blissful fate .... Yet one day this fate will be theirs too, one day free will shall also make these spiritual beings inclined towards Me, and then I will be able to seize them and permeate them with My love without it being rejected .... For although My love is infinite .... justice is also part of My Nature, and this will come to the fore when the time is fulfilled ....



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