Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7514a 04.02.1960

The strength of the Word ....
Daily work of improving the soul .... I.

You should draw the strength you are lacking from My Word. Consider that I speak to you Myself after all, and that this is truly an act of grace which can never be ineffective. Consider that I Myself illuminate you with My love and that you, therefore, should feel it as a flow of strength which is a truly great blessing for your soul. And you will feel physically strengthened, too, if you sincerely unite yourselves with Me .... And new blessings will flow to you time and again because I see your weakness, your spiritual and earthly failure during times of psychological hardship .... But you need not fear failure if only you always keep to My Word: 'Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavily laden .... I will give you rest ....' You will always find the help you require with Me. You only need to turn to Me with complete trust and time and again hear or read the Words through which I always address My children as a Father. Through these Words you will receive strength and your desperate situation will always resolve itself, you will be able to wait with perfect certainty until your help arrives. My Word contains the strength which will subsequently flow into you if you allow Me to speak to you, however, you must also be convinced of the fact that you are being addressed by Me. You should not read the letter of the Word but be wholeheartedly involved in it and listen to Me, and you will feel the effect of My Word within and on yourselves, as is to be expected, because everything coming forth from Me is strength and must also have the effect of strength. If, however, you still believe yourselves to remain unaffected then it is only due to the fact that you did not establish your bond with Me closely enough, and then you should only remember that My love is intended for you and you will feel this love in My Word and your soul will be strengthened ....


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