Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7514b 05.02.1960

The strength of the Word ....
Daily work of improving the soul .... II.

Every day offers you the opportunity to mature psychologically, for you can make contact with Me every day through loving actions and heartfelt prayer, and every time you contact Me it enables My strength to flow over to you, which will always affect your soul beneficially .... And if you only make it possible once a day to receive a flow of strength then you can also assuredly expect your maturity to increase and your soul will have won, the day will not have been lived in vain .... And you always have the opportunity, both for loving activity as well as for a heartfelt dialogue with Me, and therefore your process of maturing need not come to a standstill, you can confidently and cheerfully continue on your path through life, for gaining a plus for your soul means a great deal in view of the near end, which precisely requires the increased work of improving the soul. And although you won't physically perceive it, it concerns predominantly your soul, and this need not be left empty-handed, even if you did not greatly benefit in an earthly way from the day. However, you will also receive earthly strength if you earnestly appeal for it to your Father in heaven, for He is aware of all your problems and will gladly resolve them too ....

After all, you are My children, I take care of all your worries and difficulties, but I also expect your will to be aimed at attaining full spiritual maturity .... Every prayer leads to spiritual blessings, for yourselves as well as for the loved-ones you pray for. Therefore you will also at all times be able to carry out your psychological task, just as you will always be able to pray, by merely uniting yourselves closely with Me and mentally stammering words .... I hear and understand them and I gladly grant requests which a child sends to Me with confidence in My help. And thus no day need be lost for you, since you can always benefit spiritually, providing, of course, that you are of good will and want to belong to Me, because I Am addressing My children with these words who have already established the relationship of a child with its Father and are no longer apart from Me. The others, however, can let many a day pass by without seriously considering their soul, and they are in great spiritual distress. You may also pray on their behalf and it will be a blessing for them as well as for you, for all people shall find their path to Me, because beatitude can only be found in and with Me, because unification with Me is the first and final goal which all of you should reach. Always remember that I love you, that you are My children and I only long to be in constant contact with you which, however, must be established by yourselves. And if you confer your love to Me you confer your will to Me too, and then your thoughts will always be directed towards Me, and you will assuredly help your soul attain maturity, you will not live on earth in vain, because then every day will bring you closer to Me until you are united with Me forever ....



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