Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7524 17.02.1960

Destiny conducive to reach full maturity ....

On My part you are offered every possibility for development, for your whole course of life is determined by Me such that it will provide you with constantly new opportunities to work at improving your soul. Time and again you are faced with opportunities where you must prove yourselves, where you must activate your will, where you thus have to form your own point of view and where it will then matter as to how you reconcile your actions and intentions with My commandments of love for God and your neighbour, which should be at the root of everything you do or don't do. And your destiny is purely arranged such that you will be motivated to become lovingly active .... Time and again opportunities are created for you to consider your neighbour and thereby also prove your love for Me. My sole concern is to help you transform your nature, and therefore I will also always express Myself in a way which offers you possibilities to achieve this transformation. Your destiny is determined by Me, yet only ever in such a way that it will serve you for the best, that your soul can thereby mature fully if you are of good will, that is, if you intend to achieve perfection on earth. In that case you can only ever recognise My hand in everything you encounter, which guides you such that it will benefit your soul. And this is why you should also humbly accept what providentially approaches you .... This is intended in My plan of eternity, and this plan is truly designed in love and wisdom and will be implemented in love and wisdom, always for the sake of your salvation.

Hence, disaster doesn't actually exist for you, for although on earth it seems that way, spiritually it is nevertheless only an opportunity to achieve maturity for your souls, and it is only up to you as to whether such a disaster will benefit you, whether it will be a blessing for your soul. It all depends on the attitude of your will, whether it seeks contact with Me and holds on, in that case everything he does and thinks from then on will be a blessing for him. Everything that happens to a person according to destiny must have a good effect for someone who closely unites with Me, for he will not let go of Me and will also overcome every seemingly difficult experience, because I Myself will stand by his side through his heartfelt bond with Me. And thus his destiny will actually resolve itself and take a positive course as soon as the person merely is and remains in contact with Me. And the bond with Me is the purpose and goal of every event, but not everyone will establish it and therefore must often suffer for a long time before he takes the path to Me, Who can then relieve him from every burden when he entrusts himself to Me and appeals for My help. But he should always bear in mind that only his maturing on earth will be blessed on My part and that everything which comes upon a person is conducive to this maturing .... he should always consider that it is up to him as to how long such strokes of fate will burden him, and that he will release himself from them as soon as he enters into heartfelt unity with Me .... he should always remember that it only concerns this heartfelt unity, that he should return to Me, from Whom he had once voluntarily distanced himself ....



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