Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7549 15.03.1960

Disbelief in an end ....

There is not much time left until the end .... even if you believe that the announced end will be in the distant future .... you will be surprised how the signs will increase and the point in time you live in will become only too evident. But everything will always proceed within the framework of natural progression, and that will raise your hope time and again that the end is still far away. However, your will shall remain free until the last day, for you cannot reach your goal by force which consists of establishing your bond with Me, of voluntarily raising your hands to Me and thereby acknowledging Me, Whom you did not want to acknowledge until now. Earthly life will therefore make great demands on you, you will have to endure many adversities and always have the opportunity to turn to Me .... But everything will take place entirely naturally, although the awakened person will recognise it as the last signs before the end.

And if I repeatedly proclaim that you are shortly before the end .... that you are only granted a little time longer on this earth, then you should take this declaration very seriously and not always relate it to the future in line with people's point of view .... You ought to understand the words as they are given to you, you ought to take them literally, and you will do well by doing so .... For the time is close at hand when the earth will be cleansed and a new earth will arise again .... But regardless of how urgently I speak to you, you don't want to believe it, and I cannot provide you with any other evidence that My Word is truth than that you will soon be shocked by a natural event and that you then can equally surely count on the end. Yet do you know whether you will survive the former or fall victim to this natural event?

Hence you should likewise consider it an end, for many people will thereby find their demise, and their life will not last much longer anymore. So don't be thoughtless and prepare yourselves, even if earthly life around you shapes itself as if only progress and prosperity exist .... Just one day, and everything will have disappeared and fallen prey to the destruction of natural forces, and the survivors will be presented with dreadful sights, because it is My will that they should come to their senses and still use the remaining time of grace they have left until the end. For everything I announce to you humans through seers and prophets will come to pass word for word, and you will soon experience the truth of My Word, and blessed is he Who accepted My Word and then found his path to Me, for in great adversity he will always find a way out, he will manifestly experience My help which I have promised to all of you who call upon Me ....

For this reason I speak to you, so that you can appeal to Me for strength in advance and then in utmost distress, when you will only have My help to rely on .... you will receive it, for I do not forget My Own .... Therefore take care that you are counted amongst My Own ....Call upon Me in times of need, and I will answer your prayer ....



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