Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7579 17.04.1960

Easter ....

And I rebuilt the Temple again as I had promised .... I arose from the dead on the third day, and My body also left the grave because it was My will that people should take notice of My resurrection. They did not believe in life after death and I wanted to provide them with the evidence that it had also been possible for Me to conquer death so that they would believe My promise that every person who believes in Me will arise into life. For this reason I let the body in its spiritual state arise from the grave, I appeared to My disciples who were able to see as well as touch Me because they should believe that I arose from the dead as I had previously announced. But only those whose spiritual state permitted it were able to see Me, for I was no longer physically among them, instead, body and soul had spiritualised themselves and therefore were only visible to those who were able to behold Me with spiritual eyes because I had opened their spiritual vision. And this, on the other hand, was the reason why people doubted, that they argued and voiced the suspicion that My body had been unlawfully removed .... just as even today My resurrection on the third day is still doubted by those who do not understand the soul and body's process of spiritualisation. People do not believe in a resurrection of the soul and yet, all people will experience the same process, when their body dies, of the soul leaving the body and entering the kingdom of the beyond, for it cannot die, but its state can be entirely different depending on its way of life. Had the latter resulted in maturity, the soul would arise into life .... to a new life in the spiritual realm .... My soul was fully matured, it had united with the Father-Spirit of eternity and during earthly life also knew how to influence the body to adapt to its desire, so that the body would already have attained the spiritualisation of all substances on earth and thus was able to arise after death with the soul, of which I provided the evidence on the third day. Yet even this process can only be believed because it can no longer be proven. But anyone who is spiritually awake, who knows of the human being's purpose and goal on earth, also believes in My resurrection on the third day with convinced faith, for he will be informed by My spirit which, after My resurrection, also illuminated My fully mature disciples who had spiritual vision, because it was My will and because they were already prepared such that the event of the outpouring of the spirit, My ascension, no longer signified a coercion of will. Therefore only a few individual people were able to behold Me after My resurrection and I strengthened these individuals for this unusual event. They saw Me .... and I wanted it this way, because My disciples were meant to go into the world in order to proclaim My Gospel and because they were to bear witness of My resurrection on the third day. However, I did not appear to the unbelievers, for they would not have been able to endure My abundance of light which would have illuminated their spiritual darkness. But anyone who hears My Gospel, who believes in Me and My act of Salvation shall also be able to believe in My resurrection from the dead, and it will indeed be possible for him to believe it because the spirit in him, which emanates from Me, educates him in the same way and grants him a living faith. He will not require any other evidence, inwardly he will be completely convinced that his soul will arise into life, consequently, he will also live his life on earth consciously, he will strive towards unity with Me, he will keep to Jesus Christ and in Him enter into contact with Me Myself .... he will strive spiritually and constantly try to live up to My will .... and he will not need to fear death because he will know that he will arise into eternal life ....



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