Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7618a 11.06.1960

Where did evil come from? ....

However, it cannot be denied that the human being has evil within himself, for he does not live in lawful order as yet, he is still outside of Me and must first have entered the order of eternity again in order to then, as a perfect being, also have cleansed himself of everything evil, in order to be a divine being again .... My image. But, on the other hand, it cannot be said that at the birth of a human being evil has been implanted in him by Me either, for this does not correspond to truth; instead, the soul, which now animates the body, is an aggregation of tiny immature particles which are not moving within lawful order as yet and have to enter this order during their existence on earth .... It is still distant from Me when it embodies itself as a human being and shall unite itself with Me. Free will, which the original spirit once possessed, should strive towards unification with Me once more, it should liberate itself from all negative thoughts and will indeed only allow positive thoughts to arise in him the more the human being strives towards Me and seeks to unite with Me again. In that case he will push everything evil out from him, he will try to keep the order, he will find the 'rightful measure' in everything .... He will be good again just as he was in the beginning. Evil is only external to the Divine, it is the 'disobedience to God' .... But I cannot be disobedient to Myself .... My fundamental nature is love. I can only ever give and provide happiness, but I cannot force the being to accept My gift .... It must also be able to reject it because it has free will. However, as soon as it rejects My love, it opposes Me and places itself outside the circuit of My flow of love. And then the positive turns itself into the negative .... From then on the state of the being is such that it starts to want and think wrongly and distances itself ever further .... The process of return gradually reduces the vast distance; however, as long as the being has not voluntarily looked for and found the final proximity to Me it still harbours wrong thoughts which are .... because they are against Me .... evil and should be changed into the opposite during its human existence. And if the human being voluntarily seeks unity with Me, then he will reject every wrong thought, he will look for and only want the good, the Divine .... He will want to become again what he was in the beginning .... My image, My child, which is and will remain united with Me for all eternity ....



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