Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7642 06.07.1960

Living in divine order is fundamental law ....

You are unable to revoke the divine laws but you can act against them .... Yet the latter will never be beneficial for you, for only the human being living within divine order is fulfilling God's will, and only this person can become perfect as long as he lives on earth. But to obey divine order means to live a life of love, for love is divine law .... Love is God Himself, Who is the most perfect Being in infinity. Thus, without love there cannot be perfection, and since bliss and perfection belong together, no human being can be blissfully happy without love. But people can also ignore this law, and this was done by the beings when they deserted God and plunged into the abyss .... thus they had acted against divine order but were nevertheless unable to repeal love itself .... they just were no longer able to stay within the cycle of this love and therefore they remained without love themselves .... Their will turned against the divine law, their will rejected God's illumination of love, that is, they stepped out of the divine order, they became heartless themselves and thereby also violated divine law .....

They fell into sin .... for everything which opposes love is sin and therefore also opposes God Himself. And the logical result of the apostasy from God was therefore an unhappy state, because the being absolutely has to live in divine order if it wants to be happy, that is, it constantly must be able to receive and give love, for love is the fundamental law of eternity, which is and forever will remain the first divine law.

You humans can enter into the divine order again at any time if you make love the basic principle of your lives, if you only ever allow your thoughts and actions be determined by love .... Then the past state of blissful happiness will soon be granted to you again, for then you will live according to divine law, then you will fulfil God's will, and then you will also unite yourselves again with the Lawmaker of eternity, with God, Who is love Himself. And your character will be the same as it was in the beginning .... God's emanated strength of love, which is now forever merged with God, but as an individually self-aware being it is able to enjoy the inconceivable happiness which it is given by the Eternal Love Itself.

If the being contravenes the divine order it will only ever harm itself but never be able to revoke the eternal law. It will only ever get into a wretched state from which it can only be released if it is willing and makes the effort to enter into divine order again. And this is the meaning and purpose of earthly life, for the soul .... the once fallen being .... at the start of its embodiment as a human being is not within this order, but always outside of it. However, it can attain the state, it can completely submit itself to divine order again, and the soul can completely change itself to love and also have submitted itself to divine order. And then the being will be happy again as it was in the beginning, for if it is love in itself it will also correspond to God's fundamental nature and unite itself again with Him, from Whom it once had originated ....



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