Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7643 08.07.1960

Natural event and chaos ....

There will be unprecedented chaos after My intervention during which you will have to prove yourselves. Yet regardless of what will happen, you can always count on My help. Life will be bearable for you if you live it with Me, if you keep hold of My hand and walk every step with Me .... But the fact that there will be chaos is certain, even if it seems incredible to you at this moment in time, even if you cannot imagine its nature and magnitude. For it is the time of the end, it is My very last wake-up call, you will still have to experience the final great upheaval so that those of you humans who still walk different paths take the path to Me .... so that you still make good use of the short time which will then still be granted to you before the end. The chaos after My intervention through natural forces will be indescribable and you will need much strength in order to persevere. However, you can always appeal to Me for this strength, you can make sure to receive it through kind-hearted activity, you will never be helplessly left to your fate if only you are willing to help your fellow human beings and ask for My help to do so. I let this natural disaster befall you for the sake of your spiritual hardship, it is intended to make you think about the value of earthly life if it is lived in a purely worldly way.

For you will lose all possessions, you will be forced into situations in which you will need a lot of help and will only be able to find this help with Me, for earthly assistance will be impossible. But I can and will help you as soon as you call upon Me in spirit and in truth, as soon as you merely send sincerely pleading thoughts up to Me to take care of you in your adversity. And the less selfish your prayers are the more you will experience My help. And then I will expect of My Own to speak on My behalf and also to refer their fellow human beings to Me, to try and strengthen their faith in My infinite Fatherly love and thus to work for Me and My kingdom, for then they will find receptive ears and hearts, although the majority of people will not listen to them .... But it is necessary to still win the few people for whose sake I let the disaster come upon earth. For every single soul is important to Me, I don't want a single soul to go astray if it can still be saved, and I will also enable My servants to speak fluently so that they can be successful labourers in My vineyard. You must all gather much strength in advance because the hardship will be severe, but I assure you that you will be able to prevail if only you hold on to Me, and I will imbue every person with strength who thinks of Me in hours of greatest adversity .... With faith and trust in My help you will all be strong and conquer all earthly adversity. For you should only take the path to Me .... That is the sole purpose of My intervention, so that you do not go astray again for an infinitely long time when the end has come ....



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