Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7668 07.08.1960

'It is finished ....'

The One who allowed Himself to be nailed to the cross on behalf of your sins has truly accomplished the act of redeeming humanity from sin and death. For I Myself dwelled in the human being Jesus, thus it was not a mere human being who accomplished an act which should only be judged in an earthly sense, but I Myself took pity upon the whole of humanity and atoned for its sin in order to enable its return to Me, which had become impossible for every single person because of the original sin, that is, the guilt of the past apostasy from Me and the fall into the abyss. It must repeatedly be emphasised that I Myself have offered the sacrifice in a human shell .... And it must be stressed that 'Love' made this sacrifice, but that I Myself Am the Eternal Love. You humans are unable to comprehend the full depth of this act, but you can be certain that it was not 'human work', even though the human being Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross; yet it only happened so that humanity would take notice and become aware of its enormous guilt, the redemption of which required an exceptional deed which was and will remain unique. Thereby the complete redemption was accomplished so that it only depends on the human being's will to release himself from the guilt of sin which burdens him for as long as he does not acknowledge Jesus Christ's act of Salvation. The act of Salvation has been accomplished for all time .... It need not be repeated, it covers the redemption of all once-fallen spiritual beings because I Myself attended to it, for the sake of My love I Myself wanted to remove the guilt and for the sake of justice I made amends for it. The enormous extent of suffering the human shell had to endure was sufficient atonement for Me .... However, the human being Jesus would have been unable to endure the extent of suffering by Himself had the Love in Him not enabled Him to do so. Time and again I stress that this act of Salvation is and will remain unique, because its redemptive effect will last for all eternity. As long as fallen spirits still exist, the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ will also be mentioned, and the acknowledgment of His act of Salvation will always liberate people from the guilt of their past apostasy from Me and, truly, no further sacrifice of atonement will be necessary because I Myself accomplished this sacrifice for all eternity .... Thus you humans should be satisfied with this explanation and not pay attention to satanically-inclined events which cannot be brought into harmony with My act of Salvation. For if ever My act of Salvation is described as incomplete, if ever people are shown a path to happiness other than the path to the cross, then the divine working of the spirit cannot be spoken of; then there will be forces at work which seek to prevent your redemption, which try to deter you from Me, Who wants to be recognised and acknowledged in Jesus Christ .... In that case you should be careful, for My adversary knows how to present himself in an angel's garment of light and then you will find it difficult to expose him. But always call upon Jesus Christ, Who certainly recognises His enemy and adversary, and appeal to Him for protection. For He and I are One, and if you pray to Me for correct thinking and for protection in every spiritual adversity then you will no longer have to worry, for then you will be guided wherever you go, the 'redemption' will reveal itself in you .... and you will clearly and assuredly recognise which way you will have to take and where danger threatens you. I have redeemed you from all sins, for My crucifixion was the atonement for your guilt. And this act of atonement cannot be lessened by My adversary, nevertheless he will continue to try to influence you humans such that you become unsure and start to doubt Me as your Redeemer Jesus Christ .... For during the time of the end many false Christ's and false prophets will arise and try to pull you onto wrong paths. Then you shall be strong in faith and know that you should only keep to Jesus Christ, because by doing so you acknowledge Me Myself and call upon Me as a Father in every adversity and distress of body and soul ....



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