Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7672 12.08.1960

Vast distance from God .... End ....

The fact that people have distanced themselves from Me to such an extent is an obvious sign of the times, for thereby they hasten the end themselves since earthly life no longer fulfils its purpose .... that people look for and find unification with Me .... Their earthly existence was only given to them for one reason: to take the last step of return to Me, to eliminate the distance they once had created themselves through their apostasy from Me.

In earthly life they are now granted the final opportunity to understand their wrongdoing which made them fall into an abysmal distance from Me ....As a result of My love and grace this distance has already been so reduced by way of the path through the works of creation that they have now reached the point of return to Me which, however, has to occur in free will, and therefore the once fallen spirits were granted the short time of earthly life which fully suffices in order to reach the final goal .... the union with Me.

Yet people fail to consider the purpose of their earthly life, they look at everything with earthly-minded eyes, they don't decrease their distance from Me, in fact, they are more likely to increase it because they lack love and this always signifies a vast distance from Me. And thus the time has come where earth is no longer serving as a place of spiritual education, where it is missing its purpose .... where it has become pointless for the human being to live on earth because he only uses his stay wrongly and is far more inclined to extend his distance from Me. And this means that the human being's soul is in utmost danger to be banished into matter again, to descend into the deepest abyss once more. And therefore a large transformation is about to happen to you humans to enable the earth fulfil its purpose again: helping the soul to attain maturity.

Hence present-day people hasten the end of the old earth themselves, for I want to restore the old order and let the earth become a place of education for the spirit once more which, however, necessitates disintegrating and reshaping the creation, including those people who do not recognise the meaning and purpose of earthly life and just live a purely material life without taking their souls into consideration. And regardless of what I will still allow to happen until then, it will no longer lead to a change in people except in a few who will find Me in the last hour, and whom I also want to save from the downfall.

People no longer believe in Me with a living faith, and a dead faith cannot awaken the souls to life. For people live without love. They no longer take notice of their fellow human beings' hardship, they just feel great love for themselves and this love drives them back into the adversary's arms again, and so they steadily widen their distance to Me, given that love alone establishes the unification with Me and heartlessness merely proves their remoteness from Me. Hence the time which separates you humans from the end gets ever shorter .... whether you believe it or not ..... It is the lawful consequence of humanity's heartlessness which only the very change into love would be able to revoke but which can no longer be expected on this earth.

Earthly life is purely a matter of the soul becoming fully mature .... yet no-one is aware of this task incumbent on him apart from the small flock of My Own who, although they will be unable to stop the transformation of this earth, will nevertheless inhabit the new earth as root of the new human race. Their fate will be an exceptionally glorious one, which people should truly regard as the most important to strive for in these last days .... yet it is never believed and no person can be forced to believe it. However, time and again you shall be informed of it, for I will let My voice be heard until the end and remind and warn all people, and until the end every person will still have the opportunity to change himself .... to strive for another goal but purely the material world .... And blessed, who still uses the short time to change his nature to love; for he will not have to fear the end because then he, too, will belong to My Own who will be protected and saved by My strong arm ....



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