Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7681 24.08.1960

'I Am with you always, even unto the end of the world ....'

I will send you the comforter, the spirit of truth ....' Every one of you has the inherent ability to hear the voice of My spirit, for a part of Myself, a spiritual spark of My divine spirit of love, rests within yourselves and will always be able to make contact with Me, through it My Word will radiate into you, for this spiritual spark is an emanation of Myself which will strike you effectively if you are prepared for it. As long as you stay isolated from Me this spiritual spark will remain silent .... If you unite with Me, then the spiritual spark will be in contact with Me too and can impart to you the light and strength which comes forth from Me; it will be able to convey to you the pure truth from Me and by receiving this truth enable you to gain realisation and thus step out of the darkness of night into the light of day. I Myself promised you when I lived on earth that I would not leave you by yourselves anymore .... that I will always be with you until the end of the world .... I pointed out the working of My spirit in you, which will guide you into truth .... but which would only become possible after My crucifixion, because prior to it the soul was still burdened by the original sin which made it impossible for a bond between the human being and Me to become so intimate that he would hear My voice within himself. First redemption through Jesus Christ had to take place, which reversed the separation from Me .... The human being had to completely consciously acknowledge Me in Jesus Christ .... thus he deliberately had to have taken the path of return to Me, which then also resulted in the emanations of My strength of love, which assured that he would hear My Word if he wanted to, if he therefore consciously opened himself and thus activated the spiritual spark in him to unite itself with the eternal Father's spirit. For it only requires an earnest will to enter into My will, it requires the acknowledgment of Me Myself Whom the being once refused to acknowledge, and it requires a life of love for My spirit to express itself as I promised.

Physically I was unable to remain with you humans but I gave you the consolation of sending you My spirit and thus of always staying with you until the end of the world. And this promise has to be taken seriously, you can always be and remain aware of My presence, you need only have the will for Me to be present with you and to establish a bond with Me in thought, in prayer or in kind-hearted activity .... In that case you will always be able to hear Me, for I Myself Am in you, and the spiritual spark will never lose contact with the eternal Father spirit .... it is merely unable to express itself if the human being is not receptive of his own free will, if he does not carefully listen in order to hear what My spirit imparts to him through the spiritual spark. And thus it is always up to the human being himself to ignite the spark in him, to provide it with the opportunity of expressing itself by appealing to Me Myself such that I might be present with him and teach him and guide him into truth according to My promise .... And I will truly stand by his side as a comforter; I will guide him into truth and will give evidence of Myself through My Word .... I will be 'with him always, even unto the end of the world ....'



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