Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7699 14.09.1960

The spirits' process of development ....

You have passed through the entire creation .... This is a significant statement which you will only understand when you recognise My plan of return, My plan for the spiritualisation of all immature spiritual substances, when you know about the circumstances which are the reasons for your process through creation .... For only as a human being will you be the first created entity again which you were when I created and externalised you from Me .... Your past desertion from Me into the deepest abyss resulted in your disintegration, so that you passed through creation as countless individual substances.

These were embodied in the works of creation and had to comply with their task in order to gradually proceed on the path of higher development, thus to achieve the return of the spirit .... the transformation of its nature .... in accordance with My eternal plan of Salvation. For every work of creation has its task which consists of a function to serve. Through constant service in the law of compulsion the spiritual substance repeatedly sheds its external form and can embody itself in a new external form and continue like this until it has achieved the necessary maturity to embody itself in a human being. This process of development through the creation of earth irrevocably leads to maturity since it happens within the law of compulsion.

My will is the decisive factor, and in accordance with this will everything fits in with My laws and accomplishes full maturity, even if it requires an infinitely long time until a certain degree is reached when the individual substances have gathered again and then, embodied as a human being, the original soul goes through its final earthly process in order to complete its spiritualisation. But this process through creation cannot be arbitrarily stopped or substituted by another process .... It has to be taken by every being which wants to return to its source and ascend from the deepest abyss to the pinnacle and become perfect again, as it was in the beginning. For the physical creation only emerged as a result of My will, because I recognised it as a way by which My living creations, who had totally distanced themselves from Me, could approach Me again.

Creation itself comprises the fallen spirits which had solidified into spiritual substance that was subsequently transformed by My will into the most diverse forms, to whom I assigned a task and a purpose: to gradually bring the spiritual substance into maturity and to offer this spiritual substance ever new external forms in order to acquire ever increasing maturity .... in order to finally strive as a self-aware entity embodied in a human being towards the ultimate objective .... to consciously look for and find unification with Me and to complete the concluding return to Me .... The only purpose of every work of creation is to shelter spiritual substance, whose ascent to Me is predetermined and which, due to My will, will also achieve this gradual ascent because it fulfils its serving function, if only under the law of compulsion, and through service releases itself from the form time and again.

But eternities will still pass before all minute particles of the last spiritual being will have gathered again .... and then My opposing spirit Lucifer will also turn to Me once more of his own free will, because he will be utterly weak after all of his created beings have left him of their own accord, who then will strive towards Me because they recognise Me as their Lord and Creator .... Only then will My adversary recognise his complete helplessness, and he will long for strength and light again, he will long for My love which once had made him extremely happy, and then he will also willingly open himself for My illumination of love and as My son return to Me again ....



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