Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7702 17.09.1960

John 14 ....
'I will not leave you comfortless ....'

I will not leave you comfortless .... I will look after you as a Father and provide you with the evidence of My Fatherly love .... It is not My will that you should go on living on earth without guidance, that you are defencelessly left to My adversary's mercy who will instantly approach you when he discovers that you are abandoned. I love you because you are My children who once emerged from Me and left the right path, albeit voluntarily, but I will nevertheless not withhold My love from them. And My Fatherly love will only endeavour that you return to your Father's house again .... For this reason I will assume your guidance, providing you do not obstinately oppose Me, that you willingly allow yourselves to be guided by Me. But in that case you will be under divine care and nothing can happen to you, you need not feel as orphans who are alone in the world and are therefore often in danger as well. It is My love that I gather My lambs so that they will not stray all over the place, that I coax and call them as a good Shepherd Who does not want to lose even one of his sheep. My sheep know the voice of their Shepherd, they follow Him and He will lead them home, He will protect His flock from the enemy, who approaches time and again in order to cause confusion and to scatter the little sheep wherever he can. Then My coaxing call will ring out because I won't abandon them to My enemy .... I will pursue those who have lost their way or are in danger of falling into the abyss .... For I do not want to lose any one of My sheep because I love them .... And thus no-one need be afraid of being abandoned, for I take care of everyone who suffers adversity, who is alone and depends on help .... I Am close to all who merely think of Me, who entrust themselves to Me in their distress .... And, like a good shepherd, I will treat all those who have distanced themselves from Me and who shall be guided back with coaxing calls of love to their origin .... 'I will not leave you comfortless ....' This is My promise to you, and thus you can confidently count on My protection, you can always avail yourselves of My help, for you know that there is One Who wants to be and remain your Father for all eternity .... And you should entrust yourselves to this Father, regardless of what troubles you. Then He will take you by your hand and safely guide you through all difficulties, He will give you strength to surmount all obstacles, He will even out your paths so that you will safely reach your goal, so that you will find Me and stay with Me forever. For all of you are My children who once left the Father's house but who shall return again and can only achieve this with My help .... They need not feel helpless, for as a loving Father I furnish My children with strength so that they will be able to travel the path to their true home .... so that they will return to Me, to their Father of eternity ....



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