Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7705 20.09.1960

False prophets ....

Let Me tell you that you will be increasingly more exposed to assaults by My adversary as the end is approaching, because he uses his power in truly satanic ways, and particularly against My Own who want to serve Me and whom he believes he can still win over for himself. But you merely need to be watchful, because you will always recognize his conduct, you will always know who is hiding behind the schemes which disrupt or entirely prevent your spiritual work. Because it will be confirmed that many false prophets appear under My banner, that they will try to belittle My Words and My information concerning the approaching end. It will be confirmed that people are easy prey, that they would rather believe these false prophets than you, because these will always give them the hope that they are approaching a bright future, that they do not have to fear the future, that their worldly efforts will be successful and that an end to this world is thus unthinkable ....

And in that case you will know that you are dealing with false prophets, and then you will have to remain strong in faith and believe what I had proclaimed and continue to proclaim to you, that the time has been fulfilled and that you humans are in great danger if you do not prepare yourselves for the end such that you need not fear it. Anyone who lives righteously and just, who has found Jesus Christ and completely gives himself to Him, anyone who recognizes Me Myself in Him and thus calls on Me in Jesus when he is in distress will survive the dangers of the last days and emerge unscathed. He will live to see the new earth and its paradisiacal life, and his faith will indeed become a blessing to him, because he will not fear the end anymore, he will hold on to Me and thus endure until the end and be blessed, as I have promised ....

But My adversary will rage and try to influence My Own until the end .... You should know this and not allow yourselves to be misled. However, he has his followers, and they will do his bidding and spread misguided teachings amongst people who completely oppose My Word, which is brought to you directly from above, My Gospel, which you may nevertheless believe totally. You should merely examine what is offered to you from elsewhere whether it corresponds to My Word .... since whatever is contrary to it also shows that it has originated from My adversary, and you can unhesitatingly reject those as false prophets who offer you spiritual knowledge which exclude an approaching end, which promise you humans a long existence on this earth yet .... You are on the threshold of the end and should prepare yourselves, and you would do well by doing so since then you would not need to be afraid of it. Because then the time will come which had also been proclaimed to you .... then a happy and blissful life on the new earth will come, but only for My Own who believe in Me and who defend their faith until the end .... Because everyone who perseveres until the end will be blessed .... they will live a wonderful life in the paradise of the new earth ....



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