Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7802 20.01.1961

Matter is consolidated spiritual strength ....

Consider yourselves My students and accept My instructions: The spiritual as well as the earthly-material world are guided and held by My will. If My will did not hold them they would truly dissolve into nothing, for the thoughts I externalised as My creations were consolidated through My will so that they could continue as something 'created'. And this consolidated will manifested itself in the most varied creations or: Every work of creation was strength consolidated through My will which I emanated because it gave Me pleasure to express this strength in forms determined by My love and wisdom .... The act of creation was only an expression of My greater than great love, unsurpassed wisdom and infinite might .... The thoughts I externalised took on forms through My will, thus all works of creation were thoughts consolidated by My will .... And when it was My will these shaped thoughts became visible .... The first works of creation .... the beings I externalised .... were able to see each other and all the spiritual creations I brought forth to give them happiness. They found themselves in the midst of inconceivable splendours which, however, cannot be described to you in detail since they were spiritual creations which demonstrated My might and glory to the created beings and gave them great pleasure .... And once something had come into existence it could never perish again. However, it was possible for the beings to lose the ability of seeing these works. Nevertheless, they continued to exist, for they were spiritual creations which are and will remain forever ....

Yet earthly matter, too, is strength consolidated through My will, but this only lasts until My will withdraws and the matter dissolves, i.e., the spiritual strength becomes invisible again as before, and My will reshapes it yet again as it best serves its purpose, which can happen many times as conceived by My wisdom and determined by My love. As an earthly-material form is dissolved the spiritual strength can certainly escape from it but it cannot cease to exist, whereas the matter as such will vanish as soon as it is no longer held firm by My will. And My will shall, time and again, withdraw from it because the task it has to fulfil is limited. It must be transient because, time and again, it has to release the spiritual substances which are to mature within matter according to the eternal plan. However, occasionally the human being also takes part in the dissolution of material creations, who can act in accordance with God's will but also in opposition to it, yet this free expression of will is permitted by God although the human being will have to justify his motives which prompted him to dissolve material works of creation .... For even these humanly accomplished dissolutions of matter can be good, that is, 'willed by God' .... They may, however, have been based on evil motives which do not comply with My will and are considered an offence against divine order. You must know this, too, in order to understand that no matter could exist were it not held together by My will, but that I do not hinder man's free will if it opposes Mine by trying to destroy matter .... Then he can certainly intervene in My work of creation but only to a limited extent, and even this wrong will was a determining factor for My plan of Salvation, or: I knew of it from the start and therefore based My plan of Salvation on this will. Material creations are transient and sometimes, therefore, incite the human being himself to intervene destructively and, depending on his reasons, with good or bad results, for My wisdom recognises the blessing which a dissolution of matter can entail, whereas the human being's will can reverse the effect of his actions to his own detriment or that of the spiritual substances still bound in matter; consequently, the human being will also have to justify himself if he has sinned against the eternal law of order. For I Myself bind and release .... and this in accordance with eternal law, in love and wisdom, for all power is at My disposal to do whatever My will determines ....



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