Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7813 01.02.1961

Light of realisation through God's address ....

Understand that you are being enlightened if I educate you Myself. You are on the path of return to Me if you yourselves offer Me the opportunity to speak to you Myself .... be it directly or through My messengers, who bring My Word to you. Then the darkness will recede from you, knowledge will be revealed to you, you will gain realisation of yourselves again, of your origin, your apostasy and your goal .... You will no longer be as spiritually blind as you became through your apostasy from Me. You had separated yourselves from Me, the Eternal Light, and therefore had to be without light .... At first, all awareness was taken from you and you existed in profound darkness, bound by My will in earthly creations, yet only in order to remove you from the adversary's influence .... However, you possessed no light .... And even in the stage of a human being you are still spiritually unenlightened until you give Me the opportunity to illuminate you again with My light .... And that happens when you allow Me Myself to speak to you. Then the state of darkness will gradually change into a state of brightest realisation again, and then you can consider yourselves fortunate, because it is the sign that you are on the path of return into your Father's house, that your goal is not far away anymore and that you will surely reach it too .... The human being on earth does not experience this lack of light because he is satisfied with many different deceptive lights, but they have no radiance and cannot enlighten a person's inner being .... But the time on earth is given to him so that he can dispel the darkness .... so that he can strive towards the light and defeat the darkness of spirit .... and thereby gain realisation. And I Am always willing to kindle a light in you, providing you want to attain the light of realisation. And one such light is My direct address, which you can hear when you desire to become enlightened. But then you will also start to live .... to live a spiritual life which then will never ever end again and which will make you incredibly happy and change you into the being again that you were in the beginning. For as soon as you possess a light you will also take the right path, and this leads upwards, back into your Father's house .... Darkness is the worst state for a spiritual being, because it no longer recognises itself nor Me as its Father and therefore won't strive towards Me either and thus can remain in darkness for an infinitely long time .... But time and again I try to send a ray of light into the human heart which ignites and enlightens the heart from within; that is, I time and again guide a person's thoughts such that he will look for his God and desires light, that he would like to know more about Me and his own relationship with Me .... And then I will indeed kindle a light in him and make the right knowledge accessible to him which will please him and make him desire more information. And once the spiritual darkness is penetrated he will also step out of the night into the bright light of morning, and the sun of the spirit will shine on him and illuminate his path .... And he will find Me without fail and want to join Me again, he will irrevocably unite with Me and in unity with Me once again be blissfully happy in light and strength and freedom as he was in the beginning ....



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