Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7814 02.02.1961

The right prayer and its fulfilment ....

The power of prayer is immense as long as you also firmly believe in My love and My might, for you are sure to achieve much if you faithfully entrust yourselves to Me and appeal to Me for help. Only your heartfelt bond with Me is important to Me so that you are so close when you speak to Me that I must also hear you .... For I don't merely want your lips to voice words without having entered into heartfelt contact with Me. Prayer is the bridge you should use frequently, even if you only ask Me to give you the strength for your daily course of pilgrimage .... But I will not deny Myself to you, I will truly fill you with strength so that the bond with Me, which is the purpose and goal of your earthly existence, will become ever deeper. Then your faith will become consistently stronger because your heartfelt bond with Me is the guarantee that I will not refuse you anything and because your faith will become ever more alive in you, for then you will feel Me so close to you that you will experience your God and Father, you will realise His presence and be able to work with His strength .... Your faith can achieve anything, in other words: you know that every prayer in this living faith will also be granted. Through your heartfelt bond with Me you surrender your will to Mine, and whatever you ask for will also always be My will and therefore I can grant you every request. And you should make use of this power of prayer and always know that I love you and want to give you joy. You should not let doubts in My love and power arise in you, for it is limitless .... .

And therefore every individual person's life could be an easy one, everyone could spend his earthly life without worry, because nothing is impossible for Me and because My love wants to give you whatever you desire. But once you are closely united with Me you will no longer want anything that might contradict My will, for you may also ask Me to grant you earthly wishes, given that you still live in the midst of the world and have to do justice to its demands and because I do not begrudge you earthly joys if they do not interfere with your spiritual striving. And I can certainly judge this best, and therefore I say to you: By all means step onto this bridge and make use of the power of prayer .... For I want to win all your love and therefore want to make you happy, so that you will keep taking the path to Me, so that you will let Me be present with you in your prayer and thereby the child will unite with its Father and matures in its soul. For I only speak of the right kind of prayer .... of the prayer in spirit and in truth, which always demonstrates the child's correct relationship with its Father. And I said to you 'Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ....' I promised to grant your prayers and yet only ever meant the right kind of prayer from a child to its Father. And a true child will also trust its Father and will therefore never be disappointed ....



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