Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7816 04.02.1961

The right concept of God ....

And it will be revealed to you through My spirit that there is only one God and that this God manifested Himself in Jesus Christ, because He is a Spirit. It was not possible for Me to become visible to My created beings as a limited Being, but in Jesus Christ I became a 'visible' God for all My living creations, and therefore you cannot speak of Jesus Christ and the Father, for I Am one with Him, so when you speak of Jesus Christ you are speaking of Me, your God and Creator, your Father of eternity .... For the infant Jesus sheltered My spirit within Himself, and after His birth I was already remarkably active in Him in order to show the people in His neighbourhood that My spirit dwelt within the infant. The man Jesus exhaled his last breath on the cross .... Jesus body, however, was spiritualised and He rose from the dead .... For all His substances had merged with Me, My spirit had permeated body and soul and nothing human remained in Him .... What arose from the dead on the third day was I Myself, the Father-Spirit of eternity, the God Whom the beings desired to behold and Who had now manifested Himself in the outward appearance of Jesus Christ ....

Jesus Christ is 'God', for I Am a Spirit and thus became visible to all My beings in the shape of Jesus Christ, and you cannot visualise Me in any other way than the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ .... And if you want to call upon Me, if you want to make contact with Me, you have to call upon Jesus Christ, you have to talk to Him, you have to acknowledge Him as your Father of eternity, and then you will also have the right concept of God .... which, however, can never be right if you pray separately to Me as 'God' and to Jesus Christ as 'Son of God' .... The soul which dwelt in the man Jesus was My 'Son' .... a supremely perfect being created by Me which remained with Me when the great apostasy of the spirits took place ....

And this 'Son of God' made it possible for Me to embody Myself in a human shell .... so that the complete merger of the eternal Father-Spirit with Jesus Christ could take place, but then there no longer existed two separate beings but only one God, for the 'divine Spirit', My fundamental nature, utterly permeated the human shell and likewise spiritualised it .... Everything was 'divine Spirit' it was the Spirit which permeates all of infinity and merely manifested Itself in a form visible to people, so that they were able to develop a concept of Me, so that they were able to pray to a Being in order to unite with this Being .... For the original sin of the spirits' apostasy consisted of their voluntary 'separation' from Me because they were unable to behold Me. And thus I provided for them the possibility of willingly joining with Me again by making Myself visible to them in Jesus Christ. But you must never separate 'Jesus Christ' and 'Myself' .... For He and I are one; and whoever calls upon Him also calls upon Me .... whoever sees Him sees Me, Who is and was eternal and shall remain so in all eternity ....



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