Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7865 05.04.1961

A renewal of earth must come ....

Earth will have to be renewed if the higher development of the spiritual beings is to progress; all works of creation will have to release the spirits so that they can continue their development within new forms, as this is the purpose of the work of creation called 'earth' .... For it does not just concern you humans who voluntarily ought to reach your final goal on earth but fail to do so .... it also concerns the spiritual substance bound within the form which has not yet been able to arrive at the possibility of being of service and to which the path of service shall be opened. As long as you humans do not know the meaning and purpose of creation, you will not consider the possibility of an impending transformation of the earth's surface either. And yet it is about to happen and may only be experienced by people who have fulfilled the purpose of their earthly life, who have matured fully and therefore will populate the new earth .... Hence they also know God's plan of Salvation, they believe that they live in the last days and expect the end and with it the coming of the Lord, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture. But there are only few of them ....

People's low spiritual level is so obvious that the time has come when a change must happen again .... when all spirits have to be placed into forms which correspond to their state of maturity .... And thus the human being, having completely failed, will also have to be banished into hard matter again and start a new process of development; whereas the spiritual being bound within matter may occupy increasingly softer forms until it reaches the stage one day when it can take the path across earth as a human being for his last decision of will. The fact that people will experience this harsh fate of a new banishment is the result of their free will, for they no longer have any spiritual aspirations on earth, they are totally attached to matter and will therefore become what they aspired to in this earthly life. Nevertheless, they have been sufficiently admonished and warned, during their earthly life they have been informed of the purpose of earthly life, and no person will be able to say that he had absolutely no knowledge of it. The fact that he, of his own free will, had rejected everything that could have increased his maturity is his own fault which he consequently will also have to pay for. A continuation of the old earth, however, would never ensure that these people would change; they would only ever descend further and also prevent the spirits within the form from progressing further. But who will believe this if he is informed of it?

As soon as people no longer believe in God, in a continuation of life after death, in a responsibility on their part, the said low spiritual level will have been reached which necessitates the end, the dissolution of earthly creations. For in that case people's existence on earth would be pointless, the blessing of an embodiment as a human being would no longer be made use of, the earth will have ceased to be a place of education for the spiritual beings and a total transformation will have to happen to put an end to this unspiritual state of affairs. And you humans will shortly face this transformation, you will shortly face a spiritual and earthly turning point, for the time which was granted to you for the maturing of your souls has come to an end. Until the end you will be warned and admonished, until the end you will be instructed about the purpose of your existence, you will receive the knowledge of God's plan of Salvation, of His infinite love for all His living creations and of the possibility and help on His part to become blessed before the end arrives .... However, you have to accept all this of your own free will, you have to seriously want to fulfil the purpose of your human existence .... you have to acknowledge a God above yourselves and appeal to Him for mercy .... And truly, you will still be saved in the last hour, otherwise the Judgment will take effect on you, otherwise you will get what you are striving for .... you will turn into matter again which had kept you tied to the earth so that you didn't take the path of ascent and therefore will end up in the abyss again ....



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