Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7871 13.04.1961

Purpose of earthly existence ....

You yourselves gave rise to your existence on earth when you refused to remain in the circuit of My flow of love. You had been independent beings which I externalised out of My love but which had always been in most heartfelt contact with Me and were therefore always permeated by My strength of love. As long as you accepted this emanation of love you were blissfully happy. But when you voluntarily left the circuit of My love, My strength of love became ineffective, which meant that you became incapable of being active since it has always necessitated My strength of love. Inactivity is solidification, inactivity is immobility .... it is a state of death, of complete lifelessness .... You voluntarily entered this state through you past rebellion against Me and you will remain in this state until you voluntarily enter the circuit of My love again. All beings which had once fallen away from Me must go through this process: of arising from death to life. Thus, the fallen spirits, having hardened as a result of rejecting My strength of love, had become incapable of all activity and were dissolved by My will into countless minute particles, which were encapsulated by My strength of love and shaped into creations of the most varied kinds .... These, in turn, helped the spiritual substances to become active again, albeit quite minimally, according to My will .... Activity is life .... The dead substance gradually awakened to life and the degree of activity constantly increased through new formations of the bound spirits within these works of creation .... You humans are now occupying the final form in which the once fallen being shall attain the highest degree of activity and is able to do so if it uses its restored free will in the right way .... Your external form is also a work of creation by My love which is to bring the process to conclusion: to result in eternal life for you which you cannot lose anymore when you have accomplished your return to Me.

However, your life as a human being also includes the great danger that you will misuse your free will for a second time and thereby render the whole previous process of development completely worthless .... that you will descend into the abyss again, that you will reject My love once more and harden in your spiritual substance .... that you will fall prey to death again .... Your existence as a human being is an inconceivable grace, for everything that can lead you to final perfection is offered to you .... However, how you use this grace is determined by your free will, and this can only ever be stimulated or influenced but never be forced to aim into the right direction. Nevertheless, you humans should know how extraordinarily significant your life on earth is: consequently, the correlations will be explained to you time and again, the knowledge is conveyed to you either directly or through My messengers which intends to awaken your sense of responsibility. Time and again you are instructed through My Word, and you also hear the voice of conscience within yourselves. Even so, it is up to you as to what you make of this knowledge .... it is up to you as to whether you want to accept My direct revelations. Yet even My greater than great love cannot do anything more but to convey such revelations to you which inform you of the consequences of a correct way of life, of the reason and purpose of your life on earth and of My will, the fulfilment of which will truly guarantee you a life of blissful happiness .... But I cannot make you believe My revelations, for just as you once left Me voluntarily, just as you once voluntarily rejected My love, you must also return to Me voluntarily, you must voluntarily enter the circuit of My flow of love again .... you must want to be closely united with Me again and you will truly enter into eternal life, you will return to your Father again and be eternally happy ....



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