Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7909 03.06.1961

The significance of holy communion ....

How often has the significance of Holy Communion been explained to you already, how often has the offering of My flesh and My blood been described to you as the offering of My Word .... How often have I told you that I Myself Am the Word of eternity, that I offer Myself to you, that you eat My flesh and drink My blood when you accept My Word in your heart .... Your soul needs nourishment which will help to heal and strengthen it, since prior to that it is sick and weak .... It must be fed with the bread of heaven and be given the water of life. It needs healthy nourishment which only I Myself can administer, for it must be spiritually fed, it must accept food from the spiritual kingdom. And this is why you must partake of the Supper at My table with your host, Who invites all of you to come to Him and let yourselves be fed by Him. Your soul shall receive bread and wine, My flesh and My blood is the proper nourishment, and thus it accepts Me Myself when it accepts My Word which I Myself convey to the soul from above. For regardless of whether I speak to it directly or whether it accepts My Word through My servants .... I always break the bread Myself, I always give the water of life Myself, and then it will always partake of My Supper at My table, which is richly laden so that no soul wanting to be My guest will lack nourishment. Yet by this I do not mean an outward practice, I Am not satisfied with the fact that you perform external rituals and acts in the belief that I Myself will then be within you, that you unite yourselves with Me when you take part in the ceremonies which you understand as the Lord's Supper, as Holy Communion .... They will only ever remain mere external acts and rituals if you do not wholeheartedly desire to hear My Word, to be addressed by Me .... if your soul does not hunger and thirst for the bread of heaven and the water of life: for My Word ....

For I Myself Am My Word, and only when you are seized by great longing for My Word can you say that you intimately unite yourselves with Me and take Supper with Me, for only then will I be able to offer you bread and wine .... My flesh and My blood .... Only then will you have come to My table in order to take Supper with Me, then you will receive Me Myself, as I have promised .... I Am the Word .... And the Word has become flesh .... And thus you should understand My Words correctly which I spoke on earth 'Whoso eateth My flesh, and drinketh My blood, hath eternal life ....' Only the person who hears My Word and allows the strength of My Word to affect him can attain eternal life, for his soul will heal, it will mature fully, through My Word it will know My will, and My Word will provide it with the strength to live in accordance with My will .... hence it will not just hear My Word but also live it and gain the true life, which it will never be able to lose again .... And because I know how urgently you humans need nourishment for your soul I send My messengers into the world and invite everyone to come as guests to My table and take Communion with Me .... And no-one will need to leave My table hungry, for it is richly laden for all those who come to Me with the desire to receive food and drink from Me .... I have wholesome food and a health-giving drink waiting for all of you, but you must come to Me yourselves, hunger and thirst must drive you to Me, then your soul will receive refreshment; time and again it will fortify itself anew for its pilgrimage on this earth, it will not exhaustedly fall by the wayside, for time and again it will be offered nourishment as soon as it desires it, as soon as it closely unites with Me and requests to be fed by Me .... I Myself will come to you, I will knock at the door of your heart and with anyone who willingly lets Me in I will indeed take Holy Communion and he with Me .... However, do not believe that you can find Me where only outward formalities are being observed .... where you close your ears to My Word which comes to you from above, for anyone who does not listen to My Word does not listen to Me Myself either; anyone who rejects My Word rejects Me Myself and his soul will remain without nourishment. It will have to starve and enter the spiritual kingdom in an immature and poor state when the hour of death arrives ....



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