Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7924 15.07.1961

Emergence of the work of creation 'Earth' ....

The progression of spirit substances over the earth extends over eternities, because spirit itself had turned into matter, of which the earth and all creations consist. Hardened spirit substance became matter by will of God; the entire work of creation earth therefore, as well as all creations in the universe as a whole, are erstwhile spirit energy formerly emanated from God, having been emitted from Him as beings, which nevertheless had altered to the extent of mere compacted spirit in the end, which was reshaped into creations of every kind.

Endless times were necessary for this, as the transformation proceeded in strict order - the development of what can now be seen as the inhabited earth took countless phases of development - it was not a work of God's creative power cast up suddenly - slow development too pursues its aim. Ceaselessly, dissolved spirit-particles were apprehended and recast. A developmental process of unimaginable time-duration had taken place, before the earth had shaped itself into a work of creation that could serve the ever-ripening spiritual for an abode and for natural life, as provided in God's eternal plan of salvation.

And this spirit substance also needed endless times to reach a level when it could be allowed to walk the earth as man, for final perfecting. This passage ultimately as man is as a moment compared to the eternities of the earth's pre-development. The creation of any form is, for God, indeed a moment's work, as any thought He sets forth as finished work, through His will and His power, but it is the resistance of the once-fallen spirit which determines the time-lapse to its material re-modelling. Because God did not compel this reluctant spiritual, but His love-power apprehended it instead, until it relented somewhat in its resistance, to then encase it in accordance with His plan - to give it some form within which it should carry out a certain function, which was nevertheless so minimal that interminable times passed before these forms could again be slowly dissolved and changed.

It thus took endless times for the earth to develop sufficiently to be inhabited by living beings, and these in turn, after interminable times made the earth fit for man's ultimate training-ground. Man's sol had nevertheless in all its particles passed through the creations, because the fall to the depths, from the greatest heights, had been so immense that endless times were necessary for it to rise sufficiently to again be given self-consciousness which then makes possible its final perfecting, its ultimate ascent.

First of all the creation came into being, and this now harbours the fallen spirits, whose numbers were without limit, and whose return to God also shall require interminable times, and thus an end to creation is not foreseeable. It shall be animated by ever-new spirit-particles, which by perpetual change of outer form are, in their development, forever in the ascendant, and hence manifest a constant emerging and passing of every material creation. And all works of creation are in this way constantly renewed, serving the spiritual they harbour in its maturing - whilst also serving man in his fulfilment, by supporting his physical life on earth.

So long as free will is withheld from the spiritual, bound within the creations, upward development assumes its God-imposed path. The fettered spiritual serves within a given form, and it thereby gradually matures. But as soon as the spiritual passes over the earth at the level of man, it again possesses free will and may, instead of rising, also remain at a standstill, or even regress. In its last stage of development it can fail - and this retrogression can also lead to the spiritual in man - the soul, the once-fallen primordial spirit - to again harden it nits spirit-substance as heretofore, with the necessary consequence of its renewed dissolving into countless particles, demanding renewed progression through the material creations.

And the necessity of this last resort presupposes also the dissolving and transformation of creations of every kind - which can be described as the end of an earth-epoch, and the beginning of another. And you men need thus to understand that, over time-spans set by God, violent acts of transformation take place upon the work of creation earth, which nevertheless are founded upon God's love and wisdom - and which always serve only for the salvation of the once-fallen spiritual. And you must also, at all times, reckon with such interventions on God's part, when men no longer recognise the true purpose of their existence - and therefore do not utilise their earth-life for the maturing of their souls, for final perfecting.

Because that is the sole object of every creation, to bring man's soul to maturation, to help it to become what it was in the beginning - a supremely perfect being - which came forth from God's love, but fell away from Him in free will. It is to return to Him, and God Himself has forged the path for its return by a progression through all the creations of this earth.



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