Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7953 31.07.1961

Only beings of light are permitted to teach ....

The spiritual world constantly endeavours to bring help to those people who desire help from the beings of light .... For all beings of light act in accordance with My will, and if I want to help people then it will often take place through My angels, through all spirits of light, whose happiness consists of implementing My will. But all these beings do not act in opposition to My will, because due to their spiritual maturity they completely entered into My will already, because they want nothing other than to comply with My will, in other words: My will is their will too, since they possess an abundance of love and wisdom and recognise that My will only intends that which is right for My living creations and therefore they unconditionally submit themselves to My will. And thus it is understandable that they will indeed impart the full truth if they are permitted by Me to bring spiritual enlightenment to people ..... if they have the task to instruct people mentally, to proclaim the Gospel to them in the form of My Word, which I also convey to you through these beings of light ..... but the Word which originates from Me will always be the same, because they receive My illumination of love and then pass it on again. For their bliss consists of their uninterrupted connection with Me, of the flow of My Word which is heard by them directly and which they pass on again according to My will. Thus beings of light can never disseminate untrue spiritual knowledge, and only beings of light are permitted to teach you humans if you have asked Me Myself for the truth, if you demonstrate your desire for truth to Me through your appeal for it. In that case you can only be taught the truth, for I will protect you from the intrusion of immature spirits who want to impart wrong teachings to you because they act on behalf of My adversary .... but which will never gain entry to people who desire truth ..... And therefore you can safely accept the Words offered to you by beings of light as My Word, for they are merely the mediators of the pure truth from Me, which they themselves receive in form of a direct address .....

For My Word sounds in the kingdom of the blessed spirits in order to make them incredibly happy .... But then they will also work with it because the love of these beings constantly endeavours to bring light into the darkness, and My Word is the light which penetrates the darkness .... And if you humans want to receive the pure truth from Me you need only make heartfelt contact with Me and appeal for it .... You can rest assured that I will grant this wish to you, and then you can also accept that everything given to you is given by Me Myself, even if it is conveyed to you through beings of light, for My strength of love, My Word, shines into them and through them down to you humans again, since these beings care for you with greater than great love and will also prevent misguided thinking from influencing your thoughts. They push all immature spirits away from you on My instructions, so that the pure 'Word of God' is not distorted, so that you humans may receive it in all purity and as accurate as it originated from Me. Nevertheless, the fact that My adversary is also at work and makes an effort to sow evil seeds everywhere cannot by denied .... Yet this will always be determined by people themselves, i.e. by their will, who allow themselves to be accessed by these forces, who thus do not entirely hand themselves over to Me and only strive for the pure truth ..... who use their own will and allow themselves to be taken possession of by still unenlightened beings .... This is why a person should practise rigorous self-criticism as to what extent he has entered into the right relationship with Me ..... And he should only ever hand himself over to the good forces, to the beings of light and the implementers of My will, he should appeal to Me for protection from being besieged by everything unspiritual .... he should only ever want to be addressed by Me Myself, Who is the primary source of truth and Who therefore will only ever bestow truth upon those who desire it .... However, I know and see through his heart and all his thoughts .... And thus I also know the substance of his innermost nature .... and accordingly he will receive, accordingly he will be surrounded by forces of light or of darkness. Yet the eternal light of love will always shine into a receptive heart which utterly opens itself to Me so that I can fill it with light and strength ....



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