Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7974 22.08.1961

You will live forever ....

You will live forever .... you will not lose this life anymore .... Is there a more enjoyable promise than that I want to give you eternal life and that you will thus be eternally happy? For life is blissfulness, because life is a state in freedom, light and strength, because 'life' is the state for which I have created you, which guarantees your perfection .... And this perfection will have been endeavoured towards by your own free will, otherwise no life would be possible, for prior to that you were in a state of death and only your free will was able to and can change this state of death into 'life' .... Furthermore, life means permanent union with Me, Who nourishes you with the necessary strength to live, which flows to you without restriction and will never again be limited .... Life is working and creating with Me and in My will .... and yet also in keeping with your will, for you have completely entered into My will because you are perfect, because you have become My images and will no longer think and want anything other than Myself and therefore you will also be incomparably happy.

And that is the final goal of the beings which once emerged from Me and My strength as living creations, which were indeed supremely perfect, since nothing imperfect can come forth from Me, but which voluntarily relinquished their perfection, fell away from Me and then had to travel an infinitely long path of development in order to achieve the highest level of perfection again, in order to thus return to Me, yet no longer as a 'living creation' but as 'My child', into which it will have voluntarily shaped itself through love .... which is indeed its fundamental substance because it came forth from My love, but which its free will had to arouse into the brightest of blazes .... but then eternal life in supreme happiness will also be guaranteed .... And this is the life I have promised you .... I Myself want to grant you this blissful life, and thus I will never cease in supporting you to achieve this said high degree of love, whenever it may be .... One day you will attain life and then never lose this life again .... This is truly the most glorious promise, for you can hope. You need not fear to be lost; you need not remain in the state of death forever, for I have told you 'You will live forever ....'And My Word is truth .... only you yourselves determine the time when you will enter into life; you determine the time when you escape death, when you return to Me, unite with Me again and then also arrive at the life which lasts forever ....

And thus you can also endlessly prolong the state of death if you misuse your free will again, if you oppose My loving support which stimulates your love. And then you will prolong your state of misery too, for only life is happiness. Yet you have free will, and this prevents Me from giving you life against your will. For you have to attain perfection yourselves, which guarantees you life in eternity, otherwise you would eternally just remain My 'living creations', but the goal of becoming My 'children' requires striving for perfection in free will. As long as you humans are still in the state of death, as long as you lack light and strength because you lack realisation and the influx of My strength of love, you are also in a state of unkindness, for voluntarily practised love would also result in light and strength, and that also means an 'awakening to life'. And then you will no longer be able to fall back into the state of death, because you will be enlightened and also recognise the purpose of your earthly life and consciously strive for it. And this is why love has to flare up in you if you want to attain the life which lasts forever. And I, the Eternal Love, will leave no stone unturned in order to lead you to this life, for I can only unite Myself with life but never with death .... and therefore I will first awaken the dead to life, which My infinite love will indeed achieve sooner or later ....



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