Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7981 01.09.1961

Mentally directing the will towards God ....

Every thought which turns to Me is an acknowledgment that you belong to Me, a flickering spark of love striving towards the fiery ocean of Eternal Love. It demonstrates that the test of will of acknowledging Me again as God and Creator, as it was in the beginning, has been passed .... I will not leave you in eternity, even if you yourselves voluntarily keep away from Me .... For you belong to Me, you are a tiny spark of My strength of love which I emanated when I gave you life. And one day this strength of love will flow back to its original source again, because this is the law of eternity .... But I care that your free will .... the mark of divinity .... is your reason for returning to Me. And it makes Me indescribably happy when this change of will, after your past apostasy from Me, has been accomplished, when you as a human being .... during the stage of free will .... turn your thoughts to Me .... Then I will take hold of you and draw you continuously closer to Me, and I have the right to do so because you will be trying to unite with Me again of your own free will ....

You don't realise how much strength flows to you when your thoughts apply to Me, for every thought is a bond with Me which enables the influx of strength; a contact which enables Me to permeate you with My strength of love, which spiritualises you and makes you the blissful beings again that you once had been. You have the option to receive My guaranteed influx of strength at any time .... you have a very reliable way to receive My strength by merely directing your thoughts to Me .... For you only turn to a Being Which you acknowledge, and I only want this acknowledgment from you in order to provide for you again as before, in order to permeate you again with My strength of love. When you think of Me you consciously open your heart .... you surrender every resistance that had kept you apart from Me, and then My love can take effect on you again, which ignites in you like a spark of fire and also lets your love flare up for Me. Hence it incorporates an immense blessing if you lift your thoughts up to Me time and again ....

Admittedly, the world will often prevent you from doing so, and anyone who is subject to the world will only rarely and with difficulty turn to Me, if at all .... But once you have voluntarily granted Me the right to take possession of you again because you have voluntarily accomplished to break away from My adversary then you can also be sure that I will enter your thoughts time and again, and it will be increasingly possible for you to mentally stay in contact with Me .... until you can always sense My presence close to you, until you no longer start anything without Me. And then you will consciously fulfil the purpose of your earthly existence, then you will already be in close contact with Me even though you still live on earth, and I will not leave you again, I will always walk by your side, I will take abode in your heart and you will feel My presence and be very happy ....

Therefore, always stay in contact with Me even if the world will not yet release you completely .... As long as you still have to live in the material world you will also have to fight against its temptations and attractions; but once you have established the connection from you to Me, the material world can no longer harm you, then you will look for Me even more, because you will not be able to find true happiness in the material world after all but only ever in your heartfelt contact with Me .... And then My love will draw you to Me, then I will gladden you with My presence .... For then your will belongs to Me, as it has turned to Me entirely willingly, and you will have become and will stay My Own for all eternity ....



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