Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7990 13.09.1961

The vineyard labourers' service for fellow human beings ....

You have been given the task of spreading the Word of the Lord and you will be guided such that it will benefit your task. You are constantly looked after by Him, you need not go anywhere on your own, you need only hand yourselves over to Him and then you will always act according to His will .... You will be guided in an earthly and spiritual sense and therefore also work in His vineyard according to His will. The Father's love embraces all His living creations and He knows that many of His creatures still suffer great spiritual adversity .... Yet He is unable to speak to them noticeably, His voice cannot sound within them or it would exert compulsory faith or forcibly direct their will towards Him. But He can speak to them through you, His servants on earth, and He will indeed do so as soon as the opportunity for it presents itself, which your will is to provide. And since every single soul is dear to him, He will always guide you such that these souls will become accessible to Him through you. It is an immense spiritual achievement if thoughts of the afterlife can be aroused in people, if their attention can be drawn to the kingdom which is not of this world, if they only once consider the purpose of their life on earth and mentally try to detach themselves from this world, but this is difficult to achieve with people who are so utterly captivated by the world that they won't allow any spiritual thoughts to arise in them. Hence it is difficult for the vineyard labourers to establish contact with them; but if they succeed in their attempt it will be even more beneficial, and it will always be achieved through God's blessing, to Whom you are of service. Consequently, no work will ever be in vain for Him, souls will always derive benefit from it, because you are constantly accompanied by souls in the beyond who feel the soothing effect of your emanation of light and greedily consume the spiritual nourishment which is offered them by you when you receive the divine Word and pass it on to fellow human beings who willingly listen to you .... You must only ever be willing to be of service to Him, for it is a service you do for your fellow human beings if you support them on behalf of God, if you do what He Himself would do for them .... if you convey His Word to them, if you inform them of the Father's love and the relationship He would like them to establish with Him .... if you return the children He longs for to the Father. You should speak in His name, you should merely be the mouthpiece through which the Father can express Himself .... for human words are still more likely to be accepted as the Word of God as long as a human being has no faith .... But he can be led to faith through human beings, and these human beings will then work for God and His kingdom, then they will be suitable labourers in His vineyard and their work will not be fruitless ....



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