Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Further explanation regarding the soul ....

It is necessary to clarify the concept of the 'soul' so that you do not live in error: Everything you see around yourselves is spiritual strength .... which was once emanated by Me as beings which were dissolved when they did not use the strength of love, which flowed to them ceaselessly, in accordance with My will. For this strength must become active according to the law of eternal order. Thus I reshaped this strength of love, once emanated as 'beings', into works of creation which perform a serving function. And so all of creation which surrounds you is basically the strength which was externalised by Me as independent beings. And regardless of how solidified the spiritual strength is that became matter .... they are all sparks of light and love which emanated from Me, My will merely gave them a shape according to My love and wisdom .... However, this spiritual substance can no longer cease to exist, My once emanated strength will inevitably return to Me again .... Yet the degree of maturity of everything around you varies considerably, because the meaning and purpose of creation is to bring the spiritual substance to full maturity since, as a result of its fall into the abyss, it had completely reversed its nature and, by means of this process of probation, this purification process through the whole of creation, shall deify itself again, thus become an independent being once more, which will work in light and strength and freedom for its own happiness. Sooner or later all tiny particles of a dissolved original spirit will gather again .... and this will then live on earth in the external shape of a human being in order to achieve its final perfection of its own free will. Hence this soul is My once emanated strength of love, yet all of its substances still need purification .... Nevertheless, it is a spiritual substance, for everything you see is spiritual strength, even if it is consolidated as matter as a result of My will .... The spiritual essence which now animates the human being as a 'soul' has certainly reached a certain degree of maturity already, or it would not be permitted to embody itself as a human being; however, one cannot speak of a 'perfect' soul, because it travelled through Lucifer's realm and its thoughts and intentions are still satanically inclined. But it is the once fallen original spirit which, through earthly progress, can entirely release itself from all unspiritual influences, which can freely want and act and therefore also has the opportunity to achieve final perfection on earth and to enter the kingdom of the beyond as a radiant spirit of light again when it has to leave the earthly body. Hence the soul is something invisible to the human eye which is everlasting, which continues to exist for all eternity, whilst matter .... every external form that is visible to the eye .... is transient but will also only be disintegrated by My will in order to release the spiritual substance concealed therein ....

So the visible creation is likewise a spiritual substance which was once externalised as beings, it merely goes through these creations in a disintegrated state, yet one day it will be mature enough so that the fallen original spirit will be permitted to embody itself as a soul in a human being. Although the soul has the shape of a human it is, however, only visible to the spiritual eye, that is, only a certain degree of maturity enables another soul to see the former, just as the beings in the spiritual kingdom were once able to recognise and communicate with each other, but only because they possessed spiritual vision, which the human being or soul which departed from earth in an immature state does not possess. Thus the soul is not a substantial form anymore, if 'substance' is to be understood as something material, visible .... It is a spiritual form, it is My emanated strength which gives life to a dead form .... the human body. Even so, the soul can think, feel and want, which the body itself cannot do once the actual life, the soul, is missing .... The human organs certainly perform their functions, yet always driven by or animated by the soul, the real Self, which determines the activity of all these functions. This is why the whole responsibility for the existence on earth rests on the soul, never on the body .... but it would always think and act wrongly had I not provided it with the spiritual spark as My share, which subsequently tries to influence the soul to subordinate itself to its urging and which always wants to advise it according to My will yet never forcibly influence the soul. It is entirely up to the soul to submit itself to the desire of the spirit or to the body's wishes; this is the actual test of earthly life the soul will have to pass in order to be able to enter the spiritual kingdom in a perfect state. You humans must get used to the idea that this very 'fallen spirit' is your real Self .... But that this original spirit at the beginning of its embodiment as a human being is still very impure, for it lives in Lucifer's realm, it travelled through all creations in which everything satanic is bound. And the human external frame is matter too, thus a spiritual substance that is still in the process of development .... For the final perfection shall only take place during earthly life but it can be attained, because the act of Salvation was accomplished by Jesus Christ, My first begotten Son, Whom I sent to Earth in order to redeem the immense original sin which denied all fallen beings entry into the kingdom of light ....

The soul of the man called Jesus was therefore a soul of light which, for the purpose of a mission, descended into the realm of darkness .... A soul of light embodied itself in a cover of flesh, in the body of a temporal human which was just like any other human. Although the soul of light prepared this shell first, for it had to be a pure vessel, because I Myself wanted to take abode in Jesus, the man. Nevertheless, the body of flesh consisted of earthly material substances, because Jesus the human being had to accomplish an act of deification on Himself which was to serve other people as an example .... which therefore all people will have to accomplish in order to perfect themselves.

Moreover, Jesus' soul, a profoundly pure soul of light, found itself in dark surroundings; it descended into Lucifer's realm and was subsequently exposed to all onslaughts on him. However, Jesus' soul was not a fallen spirit. But since it had to travel through the abyss it was unable to resist everything unspiritual which badly besieged it on Lucifer's instructions. Jesus' soul was light in all its fullness .... Yet when it descended into the abyss it left the light behind since it would irrevocably have consumed the people in darkness. Jesus therefore only entered His physical shell to a limited extent, He did not let His light of love shine yet love was in Him, He did not deprive Himself of love and this love intimately united Him with Me, His Father of eternity. Thus Jesus' soul consisted of spirit made of My spirit, it, too, was emanated by Me as light of love and did not surrender it either when it came into the world. But then My adversary's influence started, who wanted to prevent Jesus' act of Salvation and also sought to draw Jesus' soul down into the darkness. By virtue of the enormous light of love Jesus could easily have resisted his every onslaught but this would have put the following of Jesus into jeopardy, he would never have exemplified, as a 'human being', the life His fellow human beings should live in order to release themselves from My adversary, instead, divine strength alone would have accomplished something which would never have been possible for any human being. This is why a soul of light consciously took up the battle against My adversary by offering him every target .... He challenged him deliberately and that meant, at the same time, not fighting the demons when they tried to take possession of His soul .... He did not defeat them by virtue of His power but by virtue of His love, that is, He pacified them, He brought redemption to them, for His love was greater than great and, during His earthly life as a human being, it grew into a sea of flames .... He accepted Me Myself as the Eternal love in Him .... He did not yield to the adversary's temptations but overcame every challenge, every desire by these demons with boundless patience and mercy in order to help these unredeemed spirits and to place them into a state that they could adapt to His soul .... And love accomplished the work that all still unredeemed physical substances adapted to His soul, that soul and body radiated in supreme abundance of light and united with Me, the eternal light of Love ....

And this very same process happens when a most elevated spirit of light .... an angel-spirit... wants to take the path through the abyss in order to attain childship to God, in order to voluntarily become a supremely perfect spirit which can create in and with Me in free will .... In that case, the spirit will always limit its abundance of light and strength, because it would burst the human body, which is not a pure spiritual body as yet .... Thus the spirit of light takes on the shape of the human body and yet remains a spiritual body .... And this spiritually 'limited' form is the soul which animates the otherwise dead body of flesh in the first place .... When this soul leaves the body of flesh again it will no longer be restricted and will be a free spirit again, full of light and strength .... but it does not exclude the possibility that this spirit had once taken the path through the abyss as a human soul .... But such a spirit will also have extraordinary spiritual abilities at its disposal in earthly life, for although it is exposed to the most severe temptations on the part of My adversary it will never completely lose its connection with Me, and the strength of its love will also ensure that it will emerge as the victor. For what My adversary failed to achieve when he caused the apostasy of the great host of originally created spirits from Me, he will not achieve now either .... And yet, a light spirit's life on earth will always be a particularly difficult one until it has quite openly passed the important test of will which turned it into My child that will forever be united with Me, with its Father, and then enjoy unlimited beatitudes ....




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