Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8037 09.11.1961

Test all things and keep what is good ....

The will to serve Me is assessed. Then I will assign to a person the work he is capable of accomplishing and which will always be a blessing for him and his fellow human beings. But they, too, must pay attention to the inner instructions; they may not act according to their own will, which can easily happen if they want to be renowned for their activity and thus very easily endanger their vineyard work. The most profound humility and a feeling of personal inadequacy must always make them take flight to Me, so that they will hand themselves over to Me .... They must only ever strive to fulfil My will, and truly, they will feel My will in their heart and work accordingly. And everyone who wants to be of service to Me must examine himself in order to support Me and My kingdom convincingly .... For the vineyard work consists of sowing good seeds in the field of people's lives: of proclaiming My Word wherever this is possible. And in order to be able to pass something on, the human must possess it first .... thus he first must accept the seed from Me Myself, and this requires willingness and a certain degree of maturity of soul. Only then will he be able to hear My Word within himself and carry this as the pure Gospel into the world. Where My pure Word can be conveyed to Earth this degree of maturity has been attained; the human being receives the right seeds which he can unhesitatingly spread according to My will .... But it will always be left up to you to scrutinise whether the spiritual knowledge has originated from Me Myself, whether the 'working of the spirit' in a person can be spoken of. And your heart must give you the answer, for you will feel when I speak to you, providing you sincerely desire the truth .... providing you want to hear Me. I will always express Myself such that your soul will profit from the information you hear. I will admonish you with kindness and mention My commandments of love, I will caution you not to waste your life, which will always happen if you live without love .... I will enlighten you about your purpose of earthly life .... I will emphasise Jesus' act of Salvation and advise you to take the path to the cross .... I will dispel your spiritual darkness by kindling a light in you. And that means that I will convey knowledge to you which can only be imparted upon you by My spirit. Make the test as to whether you profit from it spiritually .... whether they are empty Words without meaning which leave you unimpressed, which any person can say, or whether they radiate wisdom .... For every Word which comes forth from Me Myself emanates My love and wisdom and touches the human heart such that it will escape the spiritual darkness, that it will kindle a light in his heart, that the human being will learn to recognise Me Myself in My nature, that he will receive an answer to the inner questions concerning spiritual spheres and which occupy him as a human being.

My spirit will always express itself when I Am able to address a person directly, and this spirit speaks to the spirit within the person, which is part of Me. This Word is received and conveyed by the recipient to his fellow human beings .... This process is something extremely significant; after all, it gives evidence of My presence to you if you hear My Word within you .... And because My Word is blessed with My strength, it will also have a powerful effect on the people to whom My messenger brings it .... But you should not forget that in the end time even this extraordinary activity of love of Mine will be feigned by My well disguised adversary in order to undermine My working .... that he, too, will try to express himself through suitable vessels and that he will be successful if a soul's state of maturity does not permit My presence as yet but that the person will deem himself called to serve as a vessel, because forces in the beyond instilled such thoughts in him and he accepted them in spiritual arrogance and wrong judgment of his spiritual state. In that case I cannot speak through him; instead, My adversary, who often also hides himself behind My Word, will avail himself of him; for he will go to any length in order to achieve his goal .... to keep people in spiritual darkness. But you must always earnestly conduct this examination by calling upon My support, for you ought to test all things and keep what is good .... And you must always become enlightened; otherwise you cannot speak of a 'divine' Word .... And light signifies increased spiritual knowledge which corresponds to truth and which only I Myself, the Light of eternity, can convey to you ....



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