Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8064 16.12.1961

Introspection ....

You too, My loyal servants, have to be admonished by Me to improve your souls more eagerly, for as long as you live on earth you all still carry immature substances within yourselves. You all more or less still have to fight against inclinations, longings and all kinds of weaknesses, and you should always remember that you ought to spiritualise these substances during your earthly life. A constant struggle will have to take place, and you should overcome them, you should try to influence the unspiritual substances with much love to let go of you, to join the desire of the spirit within you, to stop pestering your soul so that it will be able to ascend to the pinnacle with ever greater ease and without being held back. I want to make the path to happiness easier for all of you, but you also have to work on yourselves, you seriously have to examine yourselves as to what weaknesses and faults are still burdening you; you have to question yourselves whether your soul is still constrained by any cravings .... you have to fight against every impure impulse, suppress each irate motion, you must not send out any ignoble thoughts and deny any human being your love .... you have to try to put right every injustice you have inflicted on a fellow human being ....

Your thinking shall always be noble and pure, which excludes every thought of hatred and vengeance .... You should avoid every unkind word and always remember that you expect love, compassion and forgiveness from Me, thus you should also grant the same to your fellow human being .... In everything you think or say you should know that I know it too, and you should ask yourselves whether you are behaving correctly in My presence? .... I know that you are all still weak, that the battle which you should wage against yourselves is indeed the most difficult .... But My strength is always at your disposal and you only need to send a pleading thought to Me and, truly, I will give you the strength and you will be victorious .... You will be able to pacify the evil spirits within yourselves. They will leave you progressively more alone, they will become modest and also comply with the soul's desire to calm down and make use of the strength for their own purification ....

For they have this possibility to reach maturity themselves within the earthly body and to join the soul, because it will take all fully matured spiritual substances along into the kingdom of the beyond when it has to leave its earthly body. The soul itself still has various instincts within itself from its previous embodiments, which it is supposed to change for the better .... And it is also pestered by the body of flesh, because that is shaped from unspiritual substances .... But the human being also has the possibility to exercise a redeeming influence on these evil spirits .... if he tries to change all negative qualities to the contrary until he has become humble, gentle, peaceful, compassionate and just .... until he has become love himself, which includes all those virtues, and then the human being will also be able to enter the spiritual kingdom fully matured. And therefore you should seriously examine yourselves as to what virtues you are still missing .... investigate, whether you have changed your nature completely already .... check, what you still need and seriously work at improving yourselves ....

And you most certainly will be successful if only you have the serious intention and appeal to Me to give you strength because you are too weak on your own. Call upon Me in Jesus so that I will strengthen your will, so that you will lose your weakness of will, so that I will forgive you when you have become sinful, and truly, My help is assured to you, for it is My own will that your souls shall mature, and I Am truly pleased in those who take changing their nature into love seriously .... For as soon as you are full of love all unspiritual substances within you will also become spiritualised, because they cannot resist the strength of love. But wherever these evil spirits are still active, love is not yet profound enough, in other words, I Am as yet not able to work in all fullness within you and you will have to fight to become pure so that I can take abode in you .... And then you will also have been redeemingly active within yourselves ....



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