Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8085 22.01.1962

Predetermined intervals of time as periods of Salvation ....

To Me a thousand years are like a day .... to Me it is truly irrelevant when you return to Me, how long you remain distant from Me, for I know that you will return to Me one day for sure and then be united with Me forever .... But you yourselves will suffer immeasurably during this time of separation, for only the union with Me is beatitude .... And I love you and therefore would like to shorten your time of wretchedness for your own sakes .... I don't want you to suffer; nevertheless, in My wisdom I recognise the blessing of suffering for you, because it can encourage you to hasten your return to Me, because it can change your attitude and your will. Yet I shall do everything within My power to shorten the duration of your resistance without, however, affecting your free will. For your will itself determines the duration of your distance from Me, and I shall not compel it .... Therefore, although time is irrelevant to Me, the intervals of time in My plan of Salvation which were designated for the development of the souls are nevertheless determined .... that is, the timing of My plan of Salvation is fixed and will be upheld according to My love and wisdom ....

Periods of Salvation are planned which are limited, thus time and again new opportunities of development present themselves .... in wise anticipation that the ever new resistance on part of the fallen spiritual world in some respect will also necessitate a new Judgment .... or, that the lawful order, which the opposing spirits totally disregard and thereby prevent all higher development, will need to be restored again from time to time .... These fixed intervals of time are thus 'periods of Salvation', which irrevocably will be observed by Me and therefore signify the end of an old and the beginning of a new developmental period, the time of which cannot be ascertained by you humans but which nevertheless can be irrefutably expected by people in times when spiritual progress is no longer discernible.

But it is also part of My eternal plan of Salvation that such knowledge is and will remain unverifiable for people .... For the beginning and end of the various 'periods' are so far apart that people lack all knowledge and only the spiritually awakened accept such information as credible .... To Me a thousand years are like a day .... But you humans experience this time as immeasurably long, and you could shorten it for yourselves if only you would seriously strive for your deliverance from the form, which you are indeed able to achieve in your earthly life as a human being .... For all means of help are truly at your disposal, only your will cannot be forced to change your nature into love .... Yet this change into love must be carried out, and you only need a very short time to achieve it .... If a developmental period comes to an end without you having reached your goal, then your fate can be an infinite extension of your state of being distant from God, which is indeed extremely agonising for you but only motivates Me to create ever new possibilities for you .... for the still God-opposing souls .... in order to further your development .... For I know that I will achieve My goal one day, and a concept of time does not exist for Me .... everything is the present for Me .... even the past and the future ....

You won't be able to understand this as long as your thinking is still limited. But one day you will understand it and will even find it incomprehensible yourselves that you had resisted Me for so long .... For the unification will irrevocably take place one day, and that also means immeasurable beatitude, in which all past suffering has faded away, in which you only recognise My love with praise and gratitude which pursued you even into the deepest abyss and did not rest until it had reached its goal ....



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