Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8113 01.03.1962

Love and suffering purify the soul ....

Love should be the driving force for all your deeds and failings .... then you will always do My will, you will work with love and thereby also attain the strength needed by your soul for your path of earthly life. The soul is meant to mature fully, that is, it is meant to push away all impurities it is still burdened with, it is meant to become translucent so it is able to accept My love's emanation of light which signifies strength and bliss for the soul. But My ray of love cannot penetrate it if the soul is still surrounded by dense layers, by impure longings and instincts, by all kinds of vices, by low characteristics such as pride, anger, vindictiveness .... by any kind of unkindness ....

The soul has to try to free itself from all these faults and longings, and the means for this are love and suffering .... The impurities dissolve through deeds of love, but the soul will also be released from them through suffering, and it can be ever more illuminated by My love and mature until it has become completely translucent, and then it need not fear death anymore, because then it can enter the kingdom of light, because its earthly progress has not been in vain since it has reached its goal on earth: the transformation of itself into love .... And therefore you will understand that My commandments of love are of utmost importance, that they have to be fulfilled, that your life on earth has to be a life of love if it is to be successful for you. You are only on earth for the maturity of your soul which, at the start of its incarnation as a human being, is still without love .... although I have provided it with a spark of love which can ignite and change the soul's still imperfect state until it is close to perfection .... But the person also has to muster the will to live a life of love .... He has to listen to his inner voice which constantly urges him to act with love .... He has to perform deeds of love or his soul won't change but will keep its lowly attributes and is then in danger of entering the kingdom of the beyond in a completely immature state, which means, that it will still have to go through torments of purification there in order to be able to enjoy happiness one day ....

Only love will release it from all impure attributes, only love will crystallise it and it will push all impurities away from itself .... or it will have to accept much suffering during its earthly life which can also mature the soul, because this calms it down and gradually also ignites the spark of love within itself, and then love and suffering work together and achieve the soul's maturity. And the human being should always reject his selfish love and give love to his neighbour .... Then he will change quickly, for only unselfish neighbourly love is the true, divine love which I demand, which the soul has to change into by itself during its earthly progress as a human being if it wants to attain eternal life. And therefore My divine commandments of love always have to be emphasised as the most important, for only love has the redeeming strength, only love will be able to achieve the soul's transformation .... Only through deeds of love will it mature and become bright and clear, so that My emanation of love will find no more obstacles, so that I can then make it blissfully happy as in the beginning .... because through love it will find union with Me, which is its purpose and goal of earthly progress ....




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