Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8122 11.03.1962

The last catastrophe ....

God's voice will get through and get people who thoughtlessly sleep to wake up, even though they are in grave danger. To those who let themselves be awakened and recognize His voice, a light will be shining, leading them out from the dark night. However, whoever does not pay attention to His voice, that one's fate has been decided upon for eternal times. But the one who has created all of you does not leave you without warning when difficulties hit the earth, which are planned in the salvation plan of God from eternity. Again and again He warns and reminds people in speaking to them by the most various ways; and the ones who pay attention to His faint voice when they perceive it, won't be frightened by the coming events when He will speak with the voice of thunder to all who, until now, kept their ears shut from His words of love and mercy.

And He will, by means of the forces of nature, speak to them and none of them will be able to ignore this voice; for people are endangered and as they fear for their life the possibility of turning their thoughts to Him Who is mighty exists, Whom they accept as God and Creator. And in calling upon Him they are also saved for time and eternity. But whoever then will still be stubborn, will not be spared the terrible lot of the re-capture into matter. And there won't be much time to pass on any more until all of you people will be startled by an announcement of an inestimable catastrophe and you will be petrified of the disaster that has affected countless people. But it is prophesied to you from the beginning of this earth-period; because it is included in the salvation plan of God from eternity.

But people never ever think of a natural happening of such extent to be possible at all; and to those who survive it it will be given a very thorough proof of a higher power at work, that all the earthly will pass away and man is at the mercy of that power when not joined to It on one's own, and to be dedicated to the God and Father, asking Him for mercy. For He only wants to reveal Himself to mankind in distinctly speaking to it, so they'll have to hear His voice. And in repeatedly pointing this out He only wants to achieve their joining to Him beforehand in order to then be able to withstand and also to experience His protection when the day of horror has arrived.

Yet His announcements by seers and prophets are not believed; and even though man is from time to time stricken by divine interventions on a small scale, it's just merely the affected ones who are touched, but the others remain indifferent just as soon as the first horror has passed. And there's just little spiritual gain to be noticed. Yet, to all those who let God Himself speak to themselves, who believed His words and who therefore belong to His people, messages shall again and again be passed on of the occurrence of that immense natural happening to be not far away. They are to draw strength from His word because they will need just that in order to remain steadfast and to pass on comfort and enlightenment to their neighbors who are in deepest physical and spiritual need. And every prayer that reaches Him He will listen to and will grant strength and help to all who call upon God, their Creator, in deepest distress. And every prayer that reaches His ear He will listen to and grant strength and help to all those who call upon their God and Creator. And even though they'll have to give their life, they have found their ties to God and now don't have to dread anymore the lot of those who are entirely devoid of any faith and therefore still belong to the one who wants to bring ruin upon them.

There will yet an opportunity be given to all people to get to know their God and Creator and every individual person decides upon one's own lot. And the most horrible happenings for man can be the way to Him, the Might of Whom he/she once emerged from. And hence it was a blessing for the one, even though countless people are snatched away. They may enter into the other kingdom with a glimpse of light in the heart when they, yet at last, did get to know and accept their God and Creator, when they call upon Him in deepest distress who then also reveals Himself to them.

Do believe it you people, you are approaching this event that will unexpectedly descend upon you and is such a distinct voice from above that everybody who is of good will ought to recognize it. And everyone will hear it, for it is powerful and is yet a last reminder, for shortly after that the end comes like proclaimed.




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