Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8222 24.07.1962

Jesus has satisfied God's justice ....

Your separation from Me would have lasted forever had I not accomplished the act of Salvation for you by taking your guilt upon Myself and redeeming it through the sacrifice on the cross, which I accomplished through the man Jesus on earth .... An unbridgeable gulf existed between the kingdom of light and that of darkness .... You would never have been able to overcome this gulf yourselves, My kingdom was closed to you forever because My justice would have been unable to accept you, who had become sinful as a result of your apostasy, until the immense sin had been atoned for. This sacrifice of atonement was rendered by Jesus, the human being, in Whom I Myself took abode, because His untainted human shell allowed for it, for I would never have been able to embody Myself in a sinful person .... Thus a soul of light had to descend to earth voluntarily in order to make amends for its fallen brothers for the sake of My justice, which could not be bypassed according to the law of eternity .... I Am a perfect Being, Which is indeed Love in Itself, but without justice I cannot possibly be called a supremely perfect Being. And Jesus, the human being, satisfied this justice through the sacrifice on the cross, which was offered by a soul of light with the intention of returning the fallen living creations back to Me, in order to build a bridge from the realm of darkness into the kingdom of light. However, I Myself dwelled in the man Jesus, for Love accomplished the act of Salvation, Which utterly permeated the man Jesus and also gave Him the strength to take the most severe suffering and pain upon Himself, to walk the path to the cross with all of humanity's guilt of sin and to lay down His life for this guilt .... Had this Love not been present in Him, He truly would have been unable to make such a sacrifice .... And I Myself was this Love ....

I took abode in Jesus' shell, I .... the greatest Spirit of eternity .... manifested Myself in Him, I pervaded Him with My fundamental nature of love; My love utterly permeated Him, the human shell merely curtailed the working of My strength of love when He took the final path to the cross, where Jesus, the man, suffered incredibly and died the most bitter death on the cross in order to atone for the sin of the once fallen beings .... I dwelled in Him and He voluntarily accomplished the act of deifying His soul, which is the final goal of all My created beings .... He had totally merged with Me, He was I and I was Him .... I had become a human being, He had become God, for He was totally permeated by My love, and love is My fundamental substance .... Jesus' crucifixion absolved the great guilt and opened up the path for you humans into the kingdom of light .... However, you are not instantly redeemed, because your free will caused your apostasy from Me and thus free will must also be willing to return to Me; you must become aware of your past guilt and appeal to Me in Jesus for forgiveness, or you will remain burdened by your guilt and your entry into the kingdom of light will be denied to you. Time and again you humans are informed of Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation and the spiritual mission of Jesus, the man, is explained and substantiated to you. Even so, you must believe it, for you cannot be given any evidence apart from the fact that you .... once you have found redemption through Jesus Christ .... will gain complete understanding of it yourselves, because, as a result of the redemption through Jesus Christ, the working of My spirit will not be prevented, which will subsequently guide you into all truth, and this is the certain proof that you have been redeemed from your original sin .... But first you must take the path to the cross of your own free will, you must be willing to do so and want to belong to the circle of those who were redeemed through Jesus' blood .... and then you will truly accept and make use of the blessings of the act of Salvation. Then you will be on the path of return to Me, you will have stepped onto the bridge which Jesus built for you so that you can find admittance into the kingdom of light and bliss, and whose gate was opened for you through the act of Salvation by Jesus .... within Whom I Myself dwelled and became a visible God for you so that one day you would be able to behold Me face to face ....



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