Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8284 26.09.1962

Promises relating to divine revelations ....

I will reveal Myself to you .... This is My promise which even you, who would like to deny such revelations, cannot dispute .... But how can I reveal Myself to you if you don't believe that My Word is the truth which I told you Myself when I lived on earth? I want to manifest Myself to you and My sole condition is that you love Me and keep My commandments .... Yet My promise means nothing to you or you would faithfully listen and expect My communication. You rely on the Scriptures, on the Book of Books, and yet don't believe what is written in it. For it contains many more promises which announce My working through the spirit whereby I want to reveal Myself .... So how do you understand My Words 'I will send you the Comforter ....' and 'I will remain with you always until the end of time ....'? How do you interpret the Words 'From your loins shall flow rivers of living water ....' and 'I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh ....'? Why do you refuse to believe that the Father keeps speaking to His children? Why do you restrict My activity to an extent that suits you? Consider that your intellect can cause a lot of harm if you exclude your heart, if you don't allow your heart to speak, which truly teaches you otherwise .... You want to stop My living creations' direct contact with Me, you want to deem it impossible for me to speak to My children Myself and yet I also said 'My sheep know My voice ....'

Hence I must talk to them, and I do and will do so for all eternity .... For only what comes forth from My mouth is the pure truth, consequently you should also accept as truth what you call 'My Word', what is written in the Scriptures .....

Time and again I must speak to you humans because you .... due to your imperfection .... repeatedly distort or misinterpret My pure Word .... Therefore you should first strive to awaken your spirit, endeavour to live by My Gospel of love which I taught on earth, and your thinking will become enlightened and clear, and you will ask Me to reveal Myself to you .... You will appeal to Me for evidence of My presence and truly .... you will receive it, for your faith will have become alive; you will establish a living contact with Me and what you earlier were unable to believe will then become completely self-evident, namely, that the eternal Father, your God and Creator, 'reveals' Himself to His living creations because he wants to be recognised and loved by them. This is why He manifests Himself, He 'reveals' Himself as a God of love, wisdom and might .... And if you humans genuinely want to come closer to this supremely perfect Being, He will grant you enlightened knowledge, so that you will no longer live in the spiritual darkness which was the result of your past apostasy from Me.

No matter how eagerly you study the Scriptures, how much you learn every letter by heart .... your intellect will only ever receive knowledge which is of little benefit for your soul .... Only an awakened spirit will find complete clarification, i.e. only shaping your nature into love, only the fulfilment of My divine commandments of love, will grant you clear realisation .... In that case, however, you will also correctly understand the Book of Books, that is, according to its spiritual meaning, whilst until then it will only remain correct knowledge of the letter, for only the spirit gives life to the letter .... If you humans really want to serve Me and carry out successful vineyard work you will first have to establish close contact with Me, your eternal Father, and only then will you become spiritually enlightened yourselves and also know that I reveal Myself to you, as I promised you, for My Word is truth and must come to pass .... And it will fulfil itself just as soon as the requirements are complied with .... as soon as you live a life of love and yearn for Me and My presence .... and then you will listen inwardly and no longer doubt the Father's love, Who reveals Himself through His spirit ....



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