Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8303 19.10.1962

The redemption work and its spiritual motive ....

Again and again explanations are given to you about the mission of the man Jesus on earth since, especially about this, such a poor knowledge was passed on to you on the part of those who feel appointed of having to teach you but have not entered a deeper [degree of] knowledge by themselves ....and are therefore not informed well enough about the work of redemption and its spiritual meaning, to the extent of being capable to teach their neighbors. And thus people have never understood it properly nor do they know it either what deep of a meaning the work of redemption has for all mankind ....They do not know the purpose of the earthly life is unfulfilled unless they take the path to the cross, to the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ.

The humans are not aware the cause for their existence as a human being on this earth is the great original sin, the falling away of the spirits from God, once .... That the whole earth and all of the creations in the universe were only the result of that one [great] fall of the spirits, and that the sole purpose of these creations is to have the fallen spiritual return to God again .... For this [spiritual], disintegrated in countless particles, moves through the creations and in this way slowly covers the path towards God .... It's true, it is an unspeakably painful condition which the spiritual is found in during its path of return because it is not free but powerless and, even though the awareness of the self is taken away from the disintegrated spiritual, the spiritual still senses the pains of the confinement within the works of creation. Because, before it's falling away from God, it existed in complete freedom and any constraint for the spiritual is a condition of pain. The immense agonies of the confinement in the form .... may it be in the mineral- and botanical-or the animal world which it has to move through ..... do not suffice for the atonement of that one immense sin, though, which the spiritual beings had burdened themselves with by their revolt against God.[It is] because the beings were in possession of the highest insight, they knew about their origin and were continuously imbued by the love of God Who, by that, provided them with an immense bliss. And yet, being aware of their origin, they rejected this power of love and thus became slaves of the darkness ....

Consequently, then, this tremendous original sin could not be atoned for, however big the pains in the confined condition [matter] may be .... And, hence, to those fallen beings the entry to the kingdom of light would have been denied for ever if not the atonement of the [original] sin would have been taken on by a light-being who gave himself in love to perform the work of atonement for the fallen brothers. For this light-being, i.e. a non-fallen original spirit who personified itself in the human Jesus on earth was this, to be achieved by it, a work of mercy of unique [extraordinary] kind, because it stepped down from the light into the dark spheres of the spiritual who became sinful. It stepped down into the kingdom of the opponent of God, of the first-fallen original spirit Lucifer, who kept its followers in bonds and demanded an outrageous redemption price for each one soul .... And it is the human Jesus who paid this sacrificial price by his work of redemption, by means of a walk of immense sufferings and pain which came to an end with his death at the cross .... So he thus atoned for the great original sin of the once fallen spiritual and also for the sin of all mankind on earth, which was the result of their taking sides with the opponent of God ....

He accomplished an amazing work of mercy and he was only able to carry it out because he was filled with love; because on earth he structured himself as a human in such a way that the eternal Divinity -love incarnated- could take abode in him; that It could fully and thoroughly imbue him with the power of love and hence this love now offered the sacrifice, which in effect every human must adopt freely i.o. to be set free from the power of the opponent [satan]. For it is the human being who is the spiritual who is [now] returning to God through the works of the creation, having again gathered itself from amongst the individual particles and was permitted to embody itself as the soul in man, for the sake of now intentionally covering the last distance of the-path-of-return; to now intentionally accept the help of Jesus Christ, without Whom one's striving for the height would remain without success.

No human can or must avoid Jesus Christ because there is no redemption from the power of the opponent of God without Him Who has conquered the opponent by His death on the cross and now wrests [forces] every soul from him who takes the path to the cross on his own, who asks Jesus for forgiveness of one's sin and help for the sake of again to be able to return to the Father. This knowledge about the meaning of the work of redemption must be channeled to the people, and only then they will by their own free will turn to Him and [thus] also, with His help, reach their destination. They will return to their Father's house, to their God and Creator and now [finally] remain with Him forever ....



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