Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8304 20.10.1962

Destruction of Earth ....

One thing is certain, My Word is and will remain truth and you humans need not doubt that which has originated from Me. Since the time is constantly coming closer which concludes one period of Salvation so that a new one can begin, the clarifications will also be given to you increasingly less veiled, and shortly before the end I will initiate you into My eternal plan of Salvation and inform you about things which have so far remained concealed to you because this knowledge was not necessary for the salvation of your souls. But now the time has come when My plan of Salvation will be implemented as far as it concerns the transformation of earth, which has become unsuitable as a place of education for the spiritual beings and which therefore has to be restored so that it will be able to fulfil its purpose again. You must bear in mind that My love also applies to the spiritual substance which is still bound in the works of creation and that I also want to give new forms to this spiritual substance in order to facilitate its higher development. For these bound spirits have already languished for an infinitely long time in the hard matter which makes up the earth, i.e. all creations on it .... And this hard matter as well as the bound spirits within the earth must one day be dissolved, respectively released, so as to be able to enter new forms, and therefore the work of destruction will be on a humanly incomprehensible scale; consequently a total disintegration of all earthly creations can be spoken of, although it should be borne in mind that the material building blocks will remain but effectively unconstrained until I shape them into forms again to serve the spirits as a cover once more .... Thus the creation work Earth will not cease to exist, because all that which was dissolved shall be held and shaped into new forms again by My will, on account of which one can speak of a new earth .... Concluding this period of Salvation is an act of greatest mercy for all spiritual beings on earth and those bound in the works of creation, which signifies a complete transformation but not the disappearance of the planet Earth ....

However, this transformation will only be recognisable on the earth's surface, because people would be unable to detect or follow the process of the inner change even if they were able to consciously observe the transformation. But the latter will not be the case, for it will be the work of an instant, because all the conditions already exist to animate the new creations with the spiritual substance which has reached the appropriate degree of maturity; for all these tiny particles are present and need only be placed into external forms again which are beneficial for them. All the same, you humans cannot possibly imagine this final work of destruction, although you yourselves give rise to it through your anti-divine experiments to penetrate the earth's interior in order to avail yourself of forces which you cannot control as yet and whose ramifications you don't know .... But neither will I stop you since the time I designated for the past period of Salvation has also come to an end .... Yet time and again I emphasise the fact that I will leave nothing in the old state and that no living being will survive, and that I will also give the still constrained spirits their temporary freedom, which therefore implies that even the hardest matter must one day release the spiritual substance and for this purpose has to be dissolved too, in order to harden anew and to shelter spirits again, as is My will .... Since matter itself is only spiritual substance at the start of its development it can therefore not cease to exist either, and therefore the creation work 'Earth' will not vanish but only be transformed, and you can believe these Words even if the whole process of the end of the old earth is still incomprehensible for you .... However, everything is possible for Me and everything is based on My infinite love .... If you therefore only regard My work of destruction as an act of cruelty on My part you are still far removed from the right realisation .... Yet you only ever want to see humanity's destiny and fail to take the spirits bound in hard matter into account for whom the moment of liberation from their present form also has to come one day, so that their higher development can also take place according to My plan of eternity .... And because this end is constantly coming closer I Am informing you of My plan of Salvation, so that you will not belong to those who forfeit the blessings of existing as a human being on earth and run the risk of being banished into the creations again .... And I truly instruct you in all truth yet it will only be accepted by the person who wants to know the truth and has the sincere will to reach his goal on this earth ....



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