Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8328 13.11.1962

God's ceaseless help on the earthly path ....

I forever want to bestow My gifts on you because My love knows no limits .... And if a person consent My direct action in himself then it is also his will to receive My gifts, then it does not amount to compulsory faith since he opens himself to My gift of grace because he believes in Me .... But I cannot work openly where this faith is absent, therefore no human being will hear My voice if he does not enter into conscious contact with Me due to his living faith as a result of love .... I want to give people whatever they need, be they spiritual or worldly possessions, for as long as My living creations are still imperfect they require constant support to accomplish perfection; and for as long as they live on earth as human beings they also need earthly support in every sense. But only I know to what extend ....

I know the state of the soul's maturity and thus I also know what it needs to mature .... But I also know of its earthly needs, I know what can be useful for the soul and what causes it harm and I give to everyone according to his nature .... because not all human beings have the same nature. Due to your pre-existence, due to your development through the creation, every soul had shaped itself differently, thus I have to take care of everyone individually in order to give him what he needs .... Even earthly I have to consider you differently since your soul's condition necessitates this. You all need My particular care, therefore you should believe that everyone's spiritual success, which I intend to advance by using the right means, is close to My heart .... My love wants to guide you into highest maturity because I want and can make you infinitely happy in My kingdom.

Since you voluntarily turned away from Me some time ago and thus your imperfect state is you own fault everything you receive is a means of grace. My love will not cease until you are united with Me again because you came from My love and irrevocably return to Me again one day. But you can be certain that My means of grace are successful, just don't resist them, you should not close yourselves to My love by opposing Me, by giving yourselves to My adversary who will use any means to prevent your return to Me .... I require of you a conscious change towards Me which simultaneously means a turning away from My adversary .... But then My love takes hold of you and eternally will not let you fall again ....

However, if you have no room for thought of Me in your hearts then it belongs to My adversary, and then it is only filled with worldly thoughts, with earthly wishes, with all kinds of lust, and then he has taken complete ownership of your (hearts) soul and can only be cast out with great difficulty. Although My love will persistently attempt to bring about a change of your will with all manner of strokes of fate but you always have to fight yourselves to change the direction of your nature. And you cannot be forced to do so, thus I cannot talk to you directly, because such a communication would amount to a compulsion of faith and will. You have to take the path to Me voluntarily and truly, you will find helpers everywhere to ease your path and carry a light ahead of you so that you may know the way. And then I will accompany you Myself, I will offer Myself as your guide and you are blessed if you accept My guidance and completely surrender yourselves to Me .... Admittedly, I will guide you away from the world but you won't look back, you no longer desire the realm you have left voluntarily, instead your eyes will be directed upwards and only seek one goal, Myself ....

And you worldly people can believe that I will fight for your souls and pursue you with the same care, that I will cross your path time and again because I don't want to lose you, I want to direct your mind towards spiritual possessions which are eternally unchanging, and therefore I want to open your eyes to the fleeting nature of the world .... You still have a short time during which My love and grace pursues you, as long as you don't resist Me you will be blessed with My love and grace .... And I will talk to you time and again through My servants, I will give you a most effective means of grace if you don't oppose Me and consciously accept My grace ....



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